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Hi,I'm a 15-year-old senior high school student from China.I started to play the SimplePlanes on 2016.4.23.,and I like this game very much! XD

And I like to design and build someting I like by myself. Also, I like the designs closed to future because they look cooler.

But I'm always busy with my studying and have few free time. So I can't upload my planes often in most of the time of a year.I'm sorry.

Although I always get good grades in English in my class, it's not enough, either. Sometimes I can't talk to you and show you what I'm thinking of very well, and make some mistakes often. Sorry…

My QQ Number: 2663109926(Gone with the Wind)
Email: 2663109926@qq.com

Previously known as fulin, HorizonFulin