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I Make Planes That Use 100 To 1000 Parts To Prevent AI From Spawning But I Will Try To Make A Best Aircraft Cockpit Without Making Any Liveries But Sometimes I Don't

and also, I make planes that don't have the best cockpit, So, I Use Blueprints To Make The Best Plane Ever. I Also Make Varients That Are Not Perfect, So I Make 100% Replica Planes Or Vehicles Like This

Other Planes

Q200-8 Executive By @A3

My Plane

Bombardier Dash-8 Q200 (QantasLink) By @Salah001XTripleVage

You Can Find Me On My Youtube Channel By Searching On Youtube
Salah001. Salah001
Triple Vage Triple Vage

Can We Get To Gold League until 2028?

Favorite Aircraft

AIRBUS A340-500



About Salah001

Salah001 Is A Small Mixed Up Gaming YouTube channel With Over 1000 Subscribers
It was The First 7 Videos To Be Uploaded On YouTube on October 31st 2021
How I Joined: My Sister Created My Google Account And My Cousin Helped Me
On September 2021, 2 Accounts Have Been Deleted Due To Under (Censored)
During Boxing Day 2023, We Got A Warning And Will Expire March 25th 2024

Timeline Of my Channel

October 31st 2021: Account Created, First 7 Videos
November 5th 2021, 8th Video
November 8th 2021: First 5 Subscribers
November 9th 2021: First 185 Total Views
November 14th 2021: First Timelapse Flight
November 21st 2021: First Full Flight
December 4th 2021: First Dora Video
December 5th 2021: First Flightgear Video
January 3rd 2022: First Kick The Buddy Video
March 3rd 2022: First 50 Subscribers
March 15-18th 2022: First 2 Boblox Improvement Videos
Around March 2022, First Video To Get 10000 Views
28th March 2022: First Gameplay Video
10th April 2022: First YouTube Short
April 26th 2022, First Bad Piggies Video
June 29th 2022: First Video To Get 3 Hours Of Length
July 2nd 2022: Banned From Roblox
July 3rd 2022: Recovered Roblox Account
12th July 2022, First PTFS Landing
July 31st 2022, Created Channel Trailer
28th August 2022: First Ban Speedrun (Roblox)
31st August 2022: First 100 Subscribers
9th September 2022: First Livestream
October 29th 2022: First 200 Subscribers
27th November 2022: First Top 3 Worst FS
December 16th 2022: First Sound Effect
January 18th: First 300 Subscribers
4th February 2023: SP Account Created
18th Februhary 2023: 10th Worst Flight Simulators
March 18th 2023: Got Hacked
April 2nd 2023: Got Terminated
April 3rd 2023: Recovered YouTube Account
May 31st 2023, First Video to be The Fastest Growing video
24th June 2023: First 6th Last Video Of Kick The Buddy
July 22nd 2023: First 400 Subscribers
September 3rd 2023: First Livestream Full Flight
September 9th 2023, First Video To Be Partially Blocked
September 15th 2023: First Plane Crashes/Incidents Recreated in Simpleplanes
September 22nd 2023: First Playing Among Us And Minecraft Livestream
Ockoter 7th 2023: First Amongus Video
October 21st 2023: First Minecraft Tutorial
October 29th 2023: First Full Episode to Be Partially Blocked (Edit: I Deleted It)
November 4th 2023: First 500 Subscribers
November 10th 2023: First Henry Stickmin Video
November 19th 2023: Started The Henry Stickmin 3D RP OST
December 1st 2023: Got A Coding Class
December 25th 2023: Got Monetized
December 26th 2023: Got A Warning
January 7th 2024: First Henry Stickmin Mobile Gameplay Series
January 9th 2024: First Short To Be Partially Blocked
January 22nd 2024: Started Ban Speedrun
January 26th 2024 (Australia Day): First 1000 Subscribers
March 25th 2024: Warning Expired
April 2nd 2024: Main Roblox Account Removed
April 2nd 2024 (Same Date): Roblox Alt Account Got Removed
April 4th 2024: Created A New Main Account
April 7th 2024: Got Main Account Unbanned
April 18th 2024: Got Roblox Account Banned

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Triple Vage


Noob: February 4th 2023
Bronze: November 25th 2023
Sliver: June 11th 2024


Henry Stickmin (2023 - April 2024)

Aviation (2013 - Present)

ANGRY BIRDS (2013 - Present)

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This Account Is Created In February 4th 2023


Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 2022
64GB Storage
4GB Virtual RAM

Macbook Pro 13-inch Display 2016
Processor: 2 GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i5
Memory: 8 GB 1867 MHz LPDDR3
Graphics Card: Intel Iris Graphics 540 1536 MB

Dell Inspiron 15-inch (Coming Soon)

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