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Discord: Zahran#6613.

Status: inactive (reducing screen time on my phone)

I make fictional planes mostly, it's been a long time since I made a replica, I build planes of the Kulsa Army, which is a fictional faction I made in my head, don't ask.

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Current Plans:

-Naval Patrol plane for the Naval Patrol Challenge (Completed)

-A simple jet inspired by the Bell P-59 Airocomet (Completed.)

-A trainer inspired by the Aero L-39.

-A bomber for YourLocalHuman's war challenge. (Cancelled)

-A speedy interceptor for YourLocalHuman's War Challenge. (Cancelled)

-A Simple jet inspired by the Yak-15. (Cancelled)

-a twin engine simple jet. (Completed)

-a bomber based off the Arado Ar-234 (Completed)

-small seaplane for fun because....why not? (Completed)

-another trainer aircraft.

-a large propeller driven cargo plane.