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Salutations, I am SaintNPC, a famous Soundcloud rapper from the bible belt of the USA. I'm a big K Tha Slasha the Hedgehog fan. Check him out on SoundCloud and Youtube.

I seek driving enjoyment and like vehicles that are fun to drive. My favorite vehicle is the tuk-tuk. I think semis and trains are cool, and I like boats. And planes. And robots.

As fun as it is to build on SimplePlanes, there just aren't enough tracks for me to drive on. As a result, I've made a few maps, each including an exciting driving component that critically tests the capabilities of land-based vehicles.

Check these sweet maps out!
-Room Romp
-Corcle Island
-Hecka Island
-Farmer's Circuit
-Rai- I mean Skyroad Circuit

I have plans on making a car testing facility, water racing circuit with waves, a flying fortress, and an obstacle course with moving parts. If I don't get too distracted playing around on these maps I've already made, I might actually get those released.