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So if you are reading this you must care enough to read my profile so thanks :) ;)

Stuff i make

I make: fictional planes, better versions of real planes, war ships, and 8-bit art So yeah that's what I do

Other Stuff I Make

And I've also Started making flying random objects like:

Flying LEGO
flying chicken leg
Flying fork
Flying carrot
flying guinea pig

I am currently collaborating with my good friend Mox(who I am friends with in real life)

Also SteveSnake my friend who is always happy and (he's my little guy who I'm helping getting started)

About Me

I am in high school
i run track
Favorite song :
Never gonna give you up

Most All of my planes were designed in L.A. Class because I was bored and I needed something cool to do. So if I misspell something it's probably because I didn't listen in L.A. Class. :)
( I don't build planes in L.A. class I just design them there)

I Also draw planes


My different lines of aircraft

F1 Class

F2 Class

F3 Class

X-7 Class

AB-7 Class

Coming Soon

SD-3 Class

Coming Soon

I hope you enjoy all my creations :)