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SimplePlanesXML Here, Over And Out!

Heya! I'm A Fellow User Of Simpleplanes. I'm Kinda A Lazy Dude When It Comes On Things. I Usually Prefer Spending The Rest Of The Day Laying On Bed With My Phone. Usually, My Favourite Type Of Planes To Make Is Preferably Fighter Jets And Bombers. I Also Like Fictional Things To Build Rather Than Replicas Since I Believe It's More New And Nice. I Like Taking Inspirations On Other Planes Before Making One Since It's More Easier For Me In That Way.

I Like Games Of course, Aviation Games, FPS Shooter Games And Sandbox Games. I Don't Really Like Playing Online Games And Likes To Stay More At Those Offline Games To Avoid Lag As Possible.
Also Likes Watching YouTube On My Spare Time, Likes Theory, Documentaries, Memes And Also Stuffs And Tutorials Related To SimplePlanes.
Memes Are Also A Part Of Me. Can't Blame Why My Head Is Always Showing Random Memes Every Nanosecond.

Are You An Left Brain Or Right Brain?
Well, I Tried. And Luckily It's An Half! I Used Both Logic And Creativity On Stuffs.

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Silver achieved at August 18, 2022 (GMT: 08:00) with the help of alot of friendly users.
Thanks to everyone who helped me achieved this! This is one of a time occasion to me. Thanks!

An End To The Bio
Welp Folks This Is It For Now. I Will Be Updating This If I Have Time And Also I Promise To Update My Supporters Page, Goodbye And Godspeed!

For Supporter's Only Page

Thank you Page For Active Supporters!
Thankyou @BeastHunter,@EasternPatrick, @FRIGGLES, @fooddoesnttastesogood, @Nowhere, @TRD6932, @SimpleJoako, @Oofsalot, @WW2Builder, @MAINE, @MDDJB, @Polish2, @extraordinary man, @daleclack, @MitchellAviation and @Hazerz for your support!

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(I Might Take A While To Update This Part, Maybe Cause I'm Lazy Or I'm Busy Lol :D)

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Have A Nice Day!
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