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Well Hello There!

Before this introduction, I'd like to thank you for supporting me and getting me to gold. I never expected it.

Hello! Don't have too much in my mind, but I like to build random stuff.

Can't do the advanced stuff yall top charters make, but I hope to make it there someday. Well, that is if I ever learn the maths to these.

I'm still learning design, and do take an interest in modern aircraft, but I'm still yet to learn more. Currently, I'm not building much. I'm gonna do that once I get the motivation.

Favorite plane? Well I used to like the Boeing 747, but I'm not so sure now. Just like a little bit of everything. General aviation is sometimes more fun than fighter jets for me. Well, sometimes.

If you've seen me here in the past, I've had a well over 2 year long hiatus because i stopped playing. (ngl i was a bit cringy back then lmao) but well, I'm back just to make some more detailed planes. Well, I say planes but a lot of the things i really upload were just joke aircraft, not meant to be serious. A lot of my aircraft are held in unlisted, but you can ask me if you want to see them.

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Previously known as watlel, hereb496.

Previously known as Watlel, hereb496