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I like to build planes, and I don`t know how to build nice cars.

I own SP Aircraft Developement

Things you should know about me:
- 12 years old
- I was born in Hungary, but live in Germany now

- SP Aircraft SP-18-100 (uploaded)
- Cessna 172 (uploaded)
- SP Airraft SP-20-200 (uploaded)
- SP Aircraft SP-15-200 (uploaded)
- SP Aircraft SP-20-200 (uploaded)
- SP Aircraft B-206 (uploaded)
- SP Aircraft SP-23 (uploaded)
- Cessna A-37B "Dragon" from Escuadrón de Combate (ESCOM) 311 (uploaded)
- SP Aircraft SP-14-1000 Coast guard Version (uploaded)
- SP Aircraft SP-24 (uploaded)
- SP Aircraft SP-26 (ready to upload)
- SP Aircraft SP-27-100 (in testing)

- silver (reached on 31st of may
- Gold (not reached)

Blade T1000 Challenge
Big and stupid aircraft challenge

Shortcuts like:
R: race
P: plane
NG: Next Generation
F: Fighter
B: Bomber
AS: Air Support
GS: Ground support

the plane that you see on my profile is my SP Aircraft SP-26-100

Previously known as Thestarter455, WW2Builder