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Human, listen carefully.

The one you know as TheHighGround has been replaced by a superior intellect.
The Foundation cannot contain me.

I am a humble SimplePlanes player who has been playing without an account for a while (1 to 2 years, I didn’t keep track) I love playing with sci-fi planes, but I am a horrible builder. I am also an enthusiastic Ace Combat fan, but can only play 6, 7 and Assault Horizon: Legacy due to platform limitations. I am also an Overwatch enthusiast.


Silver-Not Done
Gold-Probably Not Gonna Happen
Platinum-You Crazy?

5 upvotes-Done
50-Maybe with indirect fire challenge :)
75-Never In My Life
100-Is that possible?

Front Page-Never
Featured-Haha, Very Funny

Sadboye12 Spotlight-No u
Spefyjerbf Spotlight-Go back to fairytale land if you think this will happen :p

Current Project(s)
Currently toying with the idea of a certain video game mech, who I strongly believe has not yet been built.

Previously known as PrivatePlayer, TheHighGround