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Briefness at its finest but it's expanded

Was shown the glory of the almighty SimplePlanes by a friend, who in the end got me addicted. He's a very good friend.

Generally, I prefer to keep the part count low, but I may creep up every now and then.

As of late, I've been specializing with heavy-duty trucks moreso than anything else. Shoutout to the few people who use the game for literally anything but planes most of the time!

I have done requests in the past, and will continue to do so, as I like helping out others. Feel free to say something, and if you want to collaborate on something, tag me and I might help ya out!

Every thousand point milestone I reach brings a new, celebratory vehicle which may or may not have any special features, but could also be a replica.

My thoughts on creativity, for anyone bothering to look:

Never build something just to appease the masses. You won't ever feel the pride of having made something special, using your own creativity. So, even if the upvote count flops, at least you've enjoyed the design process.

I dunno, that about covers all my marks. Have a good one!