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  • Beta 1.9.204 1.1 years ago

    Once, a little girl asked God if they would add caterpillars to SimplePlanes.

    Together with her, half the minibus cried.

    God, add the tracks!

  • I'm starting to HATE THIS PLACE!! 7 months ago

    Guy, instead of whining, you would just have to ignore such people, complain about them to the moderators and add them to the black list.

    For the most part, your whining can cause even more resentment from people, yes, there will be those who will try to help you.

  • Republic P-47D Thunderbolt 2.3 years ago

    Dear administrators, for what reason does this user get into the Second Time feature? his craft does not improve and does not advance, monotonous tasteless airplanes. In the meantime, when a person builds his craft a whole year, and he gets 40 upvotes and not feats. A complaint.

  • Cover Yourself In Oil 4 months ago

    Blood floats on Blood.

  • USS Missouri "Mighty Mo" (BB-63) - 1984 7 months ago

    truly beautiful...

    Try to make a modern super battleship H-45, ahah. Comrades! bring my comment to the top! if this person makes this battleship, he will become the coolest ship on the site!!

  • Chong Qing 2.3 years ago

    @ Tully2001

  • Progress update on Wright Island remake 20 days ago

    "cries with his 4 fps on this map"

  • Baykar Bayrakdar TB2 3 months ago

    Уничтожит любого комментатора в любой точке земли!

  • Westland Wyvern S4 (Outdated Version) 11 months ago

    haha, you are clearly better than Homemade

  • I’M NOT PLAYING THIS GAME ANYMORE!!!!!!!!! (Joke) one year ago

    @JolyLoly ачё)

    Один самолёт новичка - 1 доллар

    Один самолёт от платинового игрока - Three Hundred Bucks

  • [WEBW] N-1 Rocket 2.7 years ago


    Это невероятно.... я не знаю что и сказать... у меня нет подходящей эмоции чтобы... не знаю, это просто шедевр, невероятно уникальный крафт на данное и последующее время, он явно здесь будет на года заявлен как уникальный и чуть-ли не повторимый.

    Вот за такие шедевры, и денег не жалко человеку дать.

  • Faun L.8.1500 : Exactly 4 years with you! 8 months ago

    @BogdanX oh, thanks! Забавно видеть что ты на русском это написал)

  • I’M NOT PLAYING THIS GAME ANYMORE!!!!!!!!! (Joke) one year ago


    Directed by Robert B. Weide

  • I've fallen in love with the funky trees... 1.4 years ago

    hmm, I think you can now make Programmable "bots"

    that is, they will not be specifically Smart and perform some actions on their own, but for some, the Cutscen can help a lot, especially it will look cool on special maps, where, for example, several bombers begin to bombard any target, or something else or

  • Republic P-47D Thunderbolt 2.3 years ago

    @otayahiromo8211 I’m more worried about the administration, well, I’ll only advise you to do, say, emblems, drawings, not by one (block) but immediately by about ten and that they repeat the bend of your fuselage. Next is up to you.

    Well, I have great pretensions to the site administration.
    And moderators @Tully2001

  • Focke-Achgelis 324B-1 28 days ago

    Oh, @Feanor, sorry I'm a little late. Thank you very much as well!

  • Offtop heresy. 5 months ago

    @jamesPLANESii If I said the fact that KnightOfRen is overrated and the fact that he is a Russophobe does not make me a Licimer, these are facts, my friend.

  • M1667 "Hammerhead" MBT 7 months ago

    It looks good for a beginner, but the rollers are too close to each other (if not at all) and during the ride they will "enter" each other, which is not realistic. So the same tank seems Short, which spoils (for me personally) the feeling a little.

  • Kampffahrzeug 15 (Gerat 312) 7 months ago

    @UWUSEMPIE A tank without tracks? then how will he have to move?

    I do not make custom tank tracks as they waste a lot of parts, in my case, the fewer parts, the better.

    Forgive me.

  • Design theft 8 months ago

    @KnightOfRen Now open Google and enter "what is modernization" in the search engine. You released an incredibly stupid post, where in fact only the Tu-4 is a copy of the American B-29, and you claim that the MiG-31 is a copy

  • Kampffahrzeug 14-M (Gerat 311M) 10 months ago

    @Sturm в игре находишь иконку с трёмя полосами (справа вверху) --> Share Aircraft и всё.

  • Sukhoi PAK-FA SU-57 10 months ago

    @NANOMAN +

  • IJN Aoba 10 months ago

    Hmm, friend, what about the H-45 battleship?

  • We need new tag lol 10 months ago

    Я считаю это справедливым.

  • YAMATO 1945 10 months ago

    Man, you are a great fellow, the best craft of all existing on the site in terms of build quality and number of parts, it’s a pity that the battleship is not 1 to 1 in size.

    You deserve the first place in the tournament!

  • Luftwaffe Challenge (Closed) 1.1 years ago

    You say Modern weapons are prohibited, but you forgot about WWII guided missiles ... then I'll make a couple of these)

  • Blohm und Voss 213B 1.9 years ago

    @freedompilot98 I used the mod DesignerSuite

    with the help of it, I placed the edited photo in the hangar and photographed it before uploading it to the site.

    everything is just the same)

  • Slowly but surely doing. 2.1 years ago

    @jamesPLANESii i'm very angry with myself that google translates so badly (

  • Why the current system of our site is not fair. 2.3 years ago

    @KRAYTEK999 кстати, можешь кидать ссылку на свой крафт если он не добирает в апах под мои свежие посты.

  • Suggestions for upgrade 1.8 2.4 years ago

    @jamesPLANESii I don’t like him either, but the island with Flak-style air defense should be cool

  • Aerospace Engineer Bundle 2.4 years ago

    Why did you leave SimplePlanes? ((

  • Map 2.6 years ago

    Миша, я тебя расцелую. Годно!

  • Test Pilot 3.1 years ago

    How to catapult?

  • AI Aircraft Mod Challenge 3.2 years ago

    @Gestour okay...(

  • HUMVEE return! (mod) 4.6 years ago

    Mod please

  • Need help with the following problem. 29 days ago

    @RandomUser09 You must set ONE of the motors to "true"

  • Need help with the following problem. 29 days ago

    @RandomUser09 In the settings there is a parameter, which is set to "false", this parameter is called "Reverse rotation"

  • A rare event: A helicopter from me! one month ago

    @Lanc no.

  • AI boat challenge (Closed) one month ago

    Ура! We are waiting for the release of this mod in three years!


  • Warriors|Simpleplanes Cinematic 4 months ago

    That's incredible! Congratulations!

  • Messerschmitt Me P.1199 ''Drache'' 5 months ago


  • KnighOfRen - a heretic, who rose too early, thought he was an important and cool person. 5 months ago

    @AndrewHarrison lol, I can see that KnightOfRen is a very stupid man who also said that Russian planes are copies of American planes, who also insulted all Russians. If you knew me well, you'd be surprised that I don't water him with shit 24/7.

  • Monolith 5 months ago




  • Sn-50 Seagull 5 months ago

    Nice plane.

    Beautiful smoothing.

  • DD-1100 2A - Zerstorer (Deutschland) : Stealth Challenge 6 months ago

    @AsteroidAsteroidTheBook heh, I think my next buildings will be completely invented by me.

  • What are your SP goals? 7 months ago

    I don't have a goal, just a path.

    Exhe. I'm just delighted with my love of creativity.

  • USS Missouri Cinematic Trailer - SimplePlanes 7 months ago

    This is an incredibly good job!

  • I'm starting to HATE THIS PLACE!! 7 months ago

    @AWESOMENESS360 I see no reason to help someone when someone who needs "help" requires it from you. Especially when someone else also forces you to do it.

    (it's so good that no one here annoys me, and I don't have any haters)

  • DNS Dalian - First ship with automatic CIWS in SP 8 months ago

    wonderful job!

  • GR-MX 00 Legs 8 months ago

    Sumptuously! Perhaps I'll try to make a walking battle tank))