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(HAY LOOK IM UPDATING IT YAY) so hey im Robomo00119 or if you play Roblox then you might know me as just robmo119 or any other game i play for the matter any way im not good at making air planes cuz most dont work for me so any way things im know for IN GAME

Number 1 bad grammar

Number 2 (heh number 2) PLANES Just PLANES thats thats number 2 is just PLANES

Number 3 uh well i have no number 3

Number 4 i like to give as much credit as possible and can be very nice BuT nOt AlL ThE tImE

Number 5 uh whait uh well there is none after 4

Favorite foods uh Pickles Pizza Asian (wich includes curry yes India you are in Asia)

Favorite game simple planes duh (okay Rob lets try)

Games i play alot Vigor Wolrd T blitz Minecarft Roblox and uh oh SWRC if you know that game than your blessed (hint Republic Commando) and if you still dont know it THAN PLAY IT or not its up to you realy

My country of origin Ha! Ha! You really thought i'd tell well you gullible

State of origin uh REDACTED beacuz you do not need to know

Favorite plane uh the F-14 Tomcat F-15 Eagal F-16

Favorite movi-uh okay this going to stop now Bio time! Okay so im just sitting around building planes tanks you name it i like to enter challenges cuz i can i probably spend all of my free time on simple planes (SEE MOM ITS NOT JUST A PHASE) okay that was just yeah anyway so the way i make planes is i either like it or i dont its that simple (planes) note in real life i have great grammar but typing can get annoying so you got the bio done

Simple planes friends Zainman BeeEngineer PlaneGuy01 and OrdinarytankBuilder

And no my real name is not Rob or any kind of Rob so stop with conclusions

AND YES I KNOW YOU MADE IT THIS FAR DOWN YOU KNOW WHY CUZ YOUR READING THIS RIGHT NOW you(uh wow he no ist that ist am ist down ist here ist cool)