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Good morning aviators this is your captain speaking

who is Robomo00119

well im a "normal" ish person im probably most known as robomo119 from Roblox or from WOT but since you here i am mostly building something thats military retaliated in some sorts cuz who dosint want somthing that can shoot and blow up things im also a Aritist my mums fridge is covered with my pre k finger paints and doodles (well its not but okay continue) and yes i SUCK at making air planes and thats that iv been playing since 2015 but never had the acount and before you say but then you should have great planes right? WELL YOUR WRONG because i just got the game to have fun and well hange out with cool airplanes plus my building skills back then were just gross and well yeah. I know a little german ja guten Morgen Deutschland and if you dont know that than look it up any way.

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Updates monthly Paton pending

So iv reasontly gottenin to building Italian air craft and have had a nack for Russian air craft

Iv had a lot of time on my hands (definitely not true) and have been relaxing (true ish go on) i still have rookie build mistakes but it happens i love to build (......) but not like [oh i like building] kinda way lika a [well i gotta keep building so that way i can get mode points]
I defanly treat this like a job and really never tre- so i like to keep my online self very respectable no profanity no bullying (evan tho someone thought i was bullying them BY STATING A CLEAR FACT)
And every time i see uh..... very physical inappropriate thing i try my best to pull the o'll band hammer on them i do that couse kids do play this game and i aim to keep it appropriate.

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Robs jokes

Why is it we say "Mars and Earth" and not "MarsandEarth" because theres a Space in between them.....

Me gets a triple kill... every one else playing Chess 😵😵😵😰

Me rips up my drawing cuz i messed up.... the guy im tattooing💀... the guy who's next 😱

Why do did the chicken cross the road... cuz Colonel Sanders was behind him

Two wrongs dont make a right but two Wrights make a plane

(Her) Okay whats your favorite word.....(Me) uh.....

(Her) no i mean like one word like a letter

(Me) o.....


(Me) o...u....o....m...e.....m..o...n.e.y....k

Did you know that 89% of people are dumb im so glad that im the other 50%

Me jumps on a turtle and kills it. Every one else playing Super Mario 🙄 mean while the turtle ? RIP

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so you better ask your self....... punk... you feelling lucky

You'll never catch me Potter!

What in the h*ll kinda name is Soap

How'd a muppet like you get past selection


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Behind you with a sandwich one a these days it'll be true

okay so what do i like

Okay so i like the F-14 Tomcat and the F-15 Eagle
The games i like are BTW CODMW1 2 3 CODBO1 Halo 3 STRC Star Wars Battle Front on the PS2 Vigor Roblox WOWSL WOTB WOT

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lil more about me

So im the head designer of Rob Aircraft Building Company (fictional)
We manly try are best to build new planes (somtimes old ones too) whether there replecas or designed by me and are board room they will be great quality (and by board room i mean i so yeah) and we plan to add a little more color to SP and also remember are company saying "if you want it done ask any one. but if you want it done right the ask Rob and it will meet your delight" have a really good day and hope to see you soon.

Good bye aviators

Previously known as Robomo00119, The0riginalStrummann0119