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well there are things you should know about me! i am a HUGE plane fan i love going to any airport and watch them i get ideas for either planes that exsist or planes that m,ight be created in the near future, if you have steam ad would like to ad me as your freind then go ahead, my user name is Brownie225 and my profile picture is of a Eurofighter Typhoon and a Spitfire flying in a close formation celebrating the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight (BBMF)... feel fre to use any of my planes and upload them just give me a little credit for them like (@RhysBrown gave me some pointers) or if you want any help with modding then just give me a shout in a comment in either a post or a forum, i wil try my hardest to make you proud, i also make some ships and i am in the middle of making a ship as i type this Biography... which seems to keep on expanding with every thought that comes into my head! XD... To Be Continued...