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Our country is currently closed to the public, due to the danger of lingering radiation after the nuclear attack on Silkhaven, as well as internal conflicts with armed rebel groups.

What is the Republic of Stuntpark?

The Republic of Stuntpark (ROS), also known as Sky Park, is an island nation located on a chain of islands around 20 miles south from the Wright Isles. Originally established in 1945 by the survivors of a shipwreck, the island would over go many changes of government and even have a civil war in 1967. The country was stabilized in 1978 by the United States of America, and was a developing country for 35 years before finally becoming a second world country in 2018.

Country Statistics

GDP: 1.854 Billion USD
GDP Percentages: 54% Tourism, 35% Iron and Steel exports, 11% Misc Trade Contracts.

Political Details

The Republic of Stuntpark's system of government is a basic Republic. They have a president, and a senate.

Political Parties
There are two main political parties. The Presidentials, and the Senatorial Party.
The Presidentials beleive that the President should have more power than the Senate, and the Senatorial Party believes that the Senate should have more power than the President.

Current President:
Spencer Hanfad | Senatorials

The Stuntpark Archipelago

The Republic of Stuntpark is located on the Stuntpark Archipelago, which consists of five islands, listed here by size:

Sky Park City (Artificial)
Capital: None

Wright Island (Not to be confused with the island in the Krakabloan Federation)
Capital: Serenity

Capital: Walondo

Capital: Petersville

Republic Island
Capital: Silkhaven (Destroyed)


The ROS military has 2 main divisions, The Navy (ROSN), and the Stuntpark Air Force (SAF), with the much smaller National Army acting as a reserve force.

Civilian Services

The ROS's flagship civilian airline is Sky Park Airlines (SPA), which runs routes to several different countries, including but not limited to: The People's Republic of New Bohemia, the Wright Isles, and Krakabloa.

The Sky Park Ferry Service is a state owned passenger ferry company that runs ferries throughout the Archipelago, and also has a route to the Wright Isles.

ROSN: 1 Battlecruiser, Entered service 1978|Inactive
1 Aircraft Carrier|Has not entered service|Inactive|Under Construction
2 Destroyers|Entered Service 1985|Active
4 Frigates|Entered Service 1985|Active
12 PT Boats|Entered Service 1956-1985|Active

SAF: 20 Stuntpark Aviation Company F-12s| Entered service 1984/1990|Active|Currently being retired
12 BA-11s|Entered service 2020|Active
1 Clevic 935|Entered service 2020|Active
3 TU-95s |Has Not Entered Service | Inactive
4 F-4E Phantom IIs | Entered Service 1985 | Active

2 Airbus A330s|Owned by SPA|Active

Trade Partners

The Republic of SimpleLandia
Carbon Co.


People's Republic of New Bohemia|Neutral
Republic of SimpleLandia|Allies
Snowstone Republic| Neutral
Islamic Republic of Maywar|Neutral
Carbon Co.|Allies
Snowstone Republic|Neutral
Krakabloan Federation | Trade Partners
Republic of Murowka | Trade Partners

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