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Last updated 24/1/2022, GMT+8


Build Time: 7-21 days (school)

Feel free to use my aircraft to make your creations (since i do that all the time)!

Minor inconvenience: In-game screenshots in all posts before 1 December 2022 don't appear if you're using a smartphone.

(Slightly) Cursed Planes

(Very Very) Cursed Planes

Planes Made by RCP Engineering

About Me (and my planes)

"If a perfectly good plane's been built, I won't make it."

-the 1 rule defining my creations

Airbus supporter from small island of PAP (Singapore).

I will make only 3 types of planes:
- Fictional planes (either completely custom-made or based off real-life planes),
- Cursed planes (it's in the name)
- Fictional planes that are cursed

I will also add liveries to aircraft that I am definitely not stealing from other players. Some liveries will represent aircraft involved in famous air incidents/disasters.

I will seriously consider livery requests and if I like it, I'll do it.
If I approve a livery request, it will, well, be made (though you may have to wait a while)

Flight controls for aircraft are listed in-game, except when I forget to do so. In that case, I'll be placing them in the post.


  • Drawing
  • Building with Lego (been 11 years now)
  • Crashing planes in SP
  • Watching YouTube videos

Favourite Aircraft

  • Boeing 747 (all variants except maybe SP)
  • Airbus A340-600 a.k.a. flying pencil

About the Republic Of Cursed Planes

The National Flag of the RCP.

The Republic Of Cursed Planes (informally known as RCP) is a sovereign autocratic, capitalist archipelago nation located off the coast of West Africa, in the Atlantic Ocean. The archipelago encompasses a total of 23 islands, 12 of which being inhabited.

The RCP also occupies a snow-covered island off the coast of Greenland, where the government-owned SantaCorp, the world's largest distributor of toys and other goods, is headquartered. The island is officially named "North Pole", despite it not being located at true north.
All commercial aircraft flying within North Pole airspace are required to have anti-missile devices attached to them, due to the ongoing threat of random carrier groups, not belonging to any nation, firing SAMs at anything and everything they spot.

The RCP's main sources of GDP are global shipping, aerospace manufacturing and military equipment manufacturing. Its government-owned manufacturer, RCP Engineering, is the world's largest such company by both net worth and production output. RCP Engineering produces a wide variety of aircraft and parts suited for every need of the commercial, military and general aviation market. It has also partnered with other aerospace firms such as Cessna and Airbus to produce variants of these companies' best-selling aircraft.

General Information

Population Size
8,106,392 (as of September 11, 2022)

Anonymous (known as "Great Builder of Cursed Planes")

Capital City
Main City (give me a better name)

- RCP Airways (flag-carrier)
- GoAir
- Island System Airways (ISA)
- Budjet

An Airbus A340-500 in the livery of the nation's flag-carrier, RCP Airways. The aircraft was also used for presidential trips until the 777-100 was launched.

An Island System Airways A220-200.

Map Mods the RCP is Set In

(still hoping for mikoyanster's mods to be available again)

Official map of the RCP. All the places that I labelled are shown down below.

Main City, the capital of the RCP

Walter E. White International Airport (Main City, and the RCP's, primary international airport)

  • Prague Airport

    A Japan Air System Boeing 777-200 ("Rainbow Seven") butttering at WEW International.

Suburban Territories

North Pole