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Welcome to my profile!

This is also where I post teaser pics and stuff. (Sometimes)


I make planes with relatively low(ish) part counts because I don't want to cause lag in multiplayer and definitely not because I'm lazy.

(I'm lazy.)

I also like planes or something.

And I do video game photography. (Probably as lame as it sounds.)

SimplePlanes Wishlist
- Glass fuselage cones
- More challenges
- Folders for saved planes
- XML value for FireAndForget to be true/false
- Better zoom in builder
- Better/changeable sounds
- Ability to edit launch order
- Separate volume sliders for alarms/engines/guns/etc.
- Ability to manually spawn convoys
- idk

Random Stuff
- Fuselage inlets are the best part

An Objectively Correct and 100% Empirical Graph of Cereal Quality in Relation to Time Spent in Milk