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Hey Y'all. Welcome to my Profile.

Basic info

I'm a Scalemodeler and also a Papermodeler. I'm using SimplePlanes as my simulation field of whether my Miniature model of a plane will fly. As you can see at my Gravatar, it's a Nieuport 17 biplane. It's used mainly by French and British pilots in the time of Great War or WW1.


I'm Interested in aviation, architecture, war vehicles, and gaming. I'm also interested in cycling. I cycle for about 20km every day to stay fit. Also I'm interested in Dogs and Cats. Everytime i see 1, I'll look at it more than a minute.

Genre of Builds

I mainly focus on Replicas. But when im kinda tired or too lazy to build a replica, im switching to fictional planes. I'm also trying to build a Post-Stall Maneuverable(PSM) plane but I'm still lacking some skills on Funky Trees. Lastly, I'm building some experimental planes. Not the ones you are hearing. My experimental planes are pretty basic. Almost like "just showing the fuction" plane. And I'm encouraging YOU! to recreate a successor of my Experimental planes.

That's all guys. Please take a look of my recently built crafts below. If you want to see more, tap/click the "Posts" button above. Thank you.

Fictional Companies

PAA (Philippine Advance Aeronautics )
Raiquaza19 Air Company
HIAF (Hadid Islamic Air Force)
IAD (International Air Defenders)

Previously known as Raiquaza19