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hello fellow SimplePlanes goers

i'm currently pretty inactive on the game but will probably be around more often when SP2 comes out. That being said, you'll notice a lack of builds until then.


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So originally, there was no railroad mods. Then there was a railway map made by destroyerP. Then Scratch made a better one and the trains made for destroyerP's weren't compatible. Also throw in the fact that shortly after destoyerP's mode came out, magnets became a thing so you didn't have to have trains connected permanently. Kinda cray cray right? So here's the ones I made that are magnet compatible for destroyerP's map.

Locomotives with Magnets
Rolling stock for Magnet Locomotives
Pre-magnet trains

I'll make a list for my future creations on Scratch's map when I get around to it.


I joined the SimplePlanes on July 27, 2015 (SR2 on December 25, 2017). Since then, I have made a lot of trains and obscure vehicles. On January 27 of 2020, I hit 100,000 points. That is a very big milestone on this site and I appreciate everyone who helped me reach it.

A special thanks is reserved to the dozens who assisted me in builds (often making it go from a 27 part plane to something well detailed with over 400 parts), and those who showed me you can do anything if you put your mind to it. Proof of that is I built over 100 trains in a plane game.

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