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  • about me

passionate flight and rocket builder. if i do not create mods for ksp, do not create planes in 'SimplePlanes' or am not flying a new RC-model airplane in the real world, then i most likely will not do anything ...
Cheers !

  • my goal here

is not to achieve any gold, silver medal status, but to let my creativity run. also to make known, if possible, special or unknown planes from the Italian region to a wider audience.

I only use mods if they make sense or add value and increase the flight behavior and the fun factor.

Nevertheless, my credo, keep it simple, "simple-plane" is not a CAD program, so I try to keep the aircraft parts as low as possible in design, without foregoing the beauty and details that make up these models in many ways.

  • 'LeBeau Space Agency'
    is an (almost) fictitious company working in space, aeronautic engineering.

In fact, I create about this fictitious company corresponding Game Mod Contenents for the Game Kerbal Space Programm

I did that for a few years, the effort was very large due to the extensive mods. that's why I stopped further development in 2018 with Mod Contentent Programming.

  • past development (for Game 'Kerbal Space Programm') :

  • STS Avalon *


  • Avalon Trailer are here:

  • Concept Adelante *

  • rocket-factory *

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Cheers Raendy :D

Buy me a cup of coffee