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  • F-117 Nighthawk Stealth Fighter (Working) 16 days ago

    Looks great.

  • B-100 class torpedo bomber 24 days ago

    @madmax1682 You are definitely right the guns are a really nice stream of red bullets. Also the guns are really balanced they are not so overpowered that they can take out the Beast in one hit but they are not to weak that you gotta hit it with three bullets.

  • B-25 Mitchell 12 days ago

    Nice plane the cockpit looks nice and it fly’s great.

  • CPF-3"Vulcan" 22 days ago

    It’s a little touchy on the controls.

  • B-100 class torpedo bomber 24 days ago

    It really just falls apart with each bullet that hits it.

  • F/A-18F BLOCK III one month ago

    I was just trying to land on the BEAST and took it a bit to fast and low so when I hit the deck the beautiful landing gear shattered and sent a shock through the entire plane.

  • SPITFIRE v2 PATROL 2.0 one month ago

    HOW DOES THIS FLY SO WELL? The best thing I have ever built could glide when it fell off a cliff for like 4 seconds then just back flipped.

  • Roblox torpedo bomber one month ago

    @Alextoucan555555555 I know it’s a total copy but I like the planes more because they fly better on mobile

  • Roblox heavy bomber -Navel warfare- one month ago

    An you make the American version please?

  • F-22A Raptor one month ago

    I hate when people try and make planes look ULTRA realistic. If it’s super realistic it can’t fly and it’s super laggy. But you made it look smooth and fly great and the missile bay is amazing. 10/10 creation.

  • AF F-4B Phantom II one month ago

    There is another guy named Herero that made a phantom and his flys the same except it has less missiles and lots more lag. But this flys like a dream.

  • Tridente S-class Bomber one month ago

    Well it can take some hits from the carriers fleet and then it hits a bomb. But it still looks nice when it blows up.

  • Der Nachtfalke (2.0) one month ago

    I was just checking out some of your other builds and I really love that they can all carpet bomb really nicely.

  • Ju 87 R-2 2 days ago

    I got destroyed by one of these is War Thunder yesterday.

  • Plane Crazy Tutorial Plane 10 days ago

    @NOTStraeYT oh ok

  • Plane Crazy Tutorial Plane 10 days ago

    Why is this based on a giant Boeing?

  • Lockheed Martin F-35B FIXED Vertical TakeOff/Landing 10 days ago

    Why did you just take the air to air missiles and bombs off????

  • Lag machine READ DESCRIPTION 11 days ago

    @Kevvelry ok thx :)

  • BGM-109. 11 days ago

    Is it free to use?

  • Lag machine READ DESCRIPTION 12 days ago

    @Kevvelry did u get to use this?

  • Beech King Air 350 ALSR 13 days ago

    Nice plane. I would never be able to build a plane like this.

  • Maybe worlds longest plane 19 days ago

    @PhoenixWolfie What do you mean? Your longest plane did not inspire me.

  • Maybe worlds longest plane one month ago

    @Nerfaddict That’s hilariously long. Somebody made a post yesterday and it was like 780 feet long so I just made a longer one. Also I was kinda nervous to click your link, I kinda thought it would be a virus.

  • XF-85 (B29) one month ago

    @EternalDarkness Sorry I did not know there were any rules or anything about reposting. Someone just asked me for a link to this build and I do not know how to link something on my phone so I just reposted it.

  • WF-23-Thunderbolt one month ago

    This is really fun to fly. I just destroyed the WW2 fleet.

  • Maybe worlds longest plane one month ago

    NO CREDIT TO Mr6371 it was just a teaser that I clicked on.


    Looks cool

  • Convair XFY pogo one month ago

    Cool it’s so easy to fly. I even flew it threw a bridge then landed it on the bridge vertically.

  • Nintendo Plane Dogfight one month ago

    This brings me back too when I had a wii

  • Do anyone have a snow mod? one month ago

    Somebody asked me to send a link of your B29 with the goblin to them but I don’t know how to do it so I reposted it and if you want me to take it down I think I can do that. Also I love your other builds or at least the ones I can use on my phone.

  • XF-85 (B29) one month ago

    Would everybody please go follow @WIZARD2017 because I did not make a single edit to this amazing build.

  • XF-85 (Goblin) one month ago

    @supaoranges I’m on mobile so I can’t copy the link, but I can repost it, and if you miss it just click my name. I will also try to figure out the action groups.

  • XF-85 (Goblin) one month ago

    Somebody made one of these and put it in a B-29.

  • WHO GAVE LARRY THE BUSH PLANE ! one month ago


  • AeroVironment Helios HP01 one month ago

    So I just downloaded it and it spawned at Wright final approach and without even touching the throttle it started at 2000 mph.

  • Roblox heavy bomber -Navel warfare- one month ago

    @PhoenixWolfie sweet thx

  • F4-E Phantom II one month ago

    WOW the afterburners are beautiful!

  • McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom but vtol one month ago

    Can it not fly without the thrust on the bottom?

  • TC-1 Trainer [Naval aviation] one month ago

    Bro I just tapped on this and it said to go to the old or new post.

  • NACHT-CONDOR one month ago

    Keep the Capet bombers coming!

  • Roblox torpedo bomber one month ago

    I have been playing Harbor Havoc lately but it’s still a good game.

  • Fn-3 one month ago

    Looks cool with all the strut work but I can’t get it to fly.

  • Grumman X-29 (W.I.P.) one month ago

    Are you gonna start building Grumman aircraft? And if you are I think you should do like a Grumman Goose, I have looked for one that can fly well and has detail. I also think that it is a plane that many people would enjoy.

  • wingless aeroplane one month ago

    I did not know the game registered lift like this. I have tried something like this before and it could get off the ground only because of the thrust.

  • S100 Ultrasound and a man who was the friend that is a little bit crazy one month ago

    Bro I legit thought I was having a stroke reading that.

  • A10. one month ago

    After a long, hot day of learning to make bombs in Iraq one man with a long and nasty beard with equally long and nasty toenails walks out of a small hut only to hear a loud roar. After searching for the source of the sound he is hit by a bright light from the sky only the sun was in the opposite direction, as he makes out the figure of the inbound flying object he hears yelling and panic as bombs explode. He runs as fast as he can dropping everything he has until time seems to freeze and he is met with a loud BRRRRRRR and boom he is dead.

  • S100 Ultrasound and a man who was the friend that is a little bit crazy one month ago

    It looks like the mirror tool messed up.

  • Grumman J2F-6 Duck one month ago

    @R2d2hunter He worked on the plane in the Philippines.

  • Grumman J2F-6 Duck one month ago

    So I am reading a book and my uncles uncle is in the book and it says he actually worked on and flew a duck in WW2 I got to that chapter that he was mentioned the next day after I saw this post.

  • Der Nachtfalke (2.0) one month ago

    So I just bombed some AA tanks and 1 survived and as I turned around for another pass to take it out with my the plane just exploded so nicely.