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Proud Owner of SP Explained and the SP Economics series

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Hello. Hello!

Welcome to Mangled's profile, a magical place for bronzes and platinums alike. Frazbear Entertainment is not responsible for damage or death, but there nothing to really worry about, right?

Who am I?

I am Mangled, a pull apart attraction at a family friendly pizzeria, possible murder victim, and a possessed automaton. You can sometimes catch me hanging around the site, but don't spend too much looking at the screen. You may look up and see an unwanted visitor has entered the office. When I'm not terrorizing the new night guard or hanging around pirate cove, I am researching and explaining topics relating to the SP site and community.

I occasionally will upload builds, but I primarily focus on my forum post when I get a spark of inspiration.

Fun facts about me

-Im a Touhou and Fnaf fan
-I play 5 instruments; Piano, Cello, Bass guitar, Alto Saxophone, and Acoustic Guitar.
-I am an active rper as I enjoy writing; been rping and writing for four years now.
-I enjoy researching topics.
-My favorite color is green.
-May be responsible for the bite of 87

List of Accomplishments:

-Reached 10k
-50+ Upvotes on a single build
-Reached the end of the SP world
-50+ forum uploads
-100+ followers
-Spent four years on the site
-Got on the Front Page on March 15th, 2021

List of Posts

A list of forum series of mine.

SP Explained

-Platinum through forums alone
-Why your builds are not getting more upvotes
-How to become Platinum
-How a possible updated Rank System could look
-How to grow SP Drama in 3 easy steps
-How to write a proper informational article

SP Explained - Special Guest Writers

-What TRUE Criticism : Special Guest KnightsOfRen
-The Realism and lack thereof of SP and Things to Know : Special Guest APilotOfPlanes
-Commenting basics | Simple planes guide series : Special Guest Learpot
-Aesthetics and Realism and Which to Prioritize : Special Guest FeiWu
-How to grow your account in SimplePlanes : Special Guest WiiMini

SP Economics

-SP Economics - 1
-SP Economics - 2 (Coming soon!)

Art Stuff

-New Logo
-Logo Request 1 - Cielo Pintado
-F-12 Sparrow
-Flavors of Upvotes

SP Explained Followers <3:


"This man is the business casual of Simple Planes, before the terrible takeover" ~ WiiMini

"There can be economy only where there is efficiency." ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” ~ Abraham Lincoln

"Hello, Hello!" ~ Phone Guy

~ 2020

Dont mind this:

I guess I am plotting an insurrection according to @WiiWiiTheMini so I may as well make my spiel:

Clears throat

Long has drama plagued out lives. It is a constant cycle, with the upper class of the community seeming to always be the ones pulling the strings. They use their positions to leave us lower ranked users in a constant state of ignorance. They feed us with misinformation to confuse and make us ignorant of our power.

But they are wrong. They say the majority agrees with them, but we are the majority. They say drama is our fault, but it's them inflating the situations out of proportion. They believe their actions and words have deeper meaning and impact than us, but our voices speak louder then theirs ever will. They spread lies of division among our ranks, but our unity has withstood the most powerful of their attacks. Enough is enough.

There is only one way to fix this issue, to stop the drama, to save our precious community and to protect our users.

We must rebel! We must take up arms. We must stand up to their tyranny. We must break our chains of imprisonment. We must punish those responsible and we must establish point equality for all!

Join me comrades as we bring the fight to the bloated platinum and 20k golds, who sit on top their lofty thrones as they gorge themselves on points while us peasants starve below. Let us be victorious over our captives, who have abused their positions to further themselves rather than support the community. Let equality and freedom ring!

Previously known as Mercyaircraftcorporation, UtsuhoReiuji, QuitePossiblyMangled, QuitePossiblyWiiMini, QuitePossiblyMangled, CirnoFumo