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I make fictional planes and replicas simple planes

The Fictional country

The Karyan Union

 a country located in the northwest area of the Termacael world. It is a country of endless winters, white scenery and a massive culture for piloting and sailing.
The Karyan Flag

Karyan people

They are quiet and peaceful. The Karyan way of life is full of luxuries that some would consider privileges because in the Karyan Union everyone is equally important and treated. The poorest families in Karya would be considered as middle class in other countries.

The Karyan government

strict but caring, the tolerance for lawbreakers is nonexistent, in addition to that the power is shared between leaders.

The Bureau of Aerospace Design

This Bureau is currently comprised of Poyasakai Design Bureau and the PoiyaYudatsi Design Bureau. The older Poyasakai Design Bureau was established at a very early time and served the Karyan Union during the many years. It worked with Karyan Union the Fabellan Federation.

The Karyan Union Self Defence Force, and Armed Forces

The flag of both

The Karyan Union Self Defense Force/Armed Force is organizations that serve Karyan Union, where the former is meant to slow down an attacking enemy's force and the former pushing back the enemy force and occupation, however, the occupation force was never used.

Previously known as Quackie, Quackykaze