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... I absolutely don't know how to start a bio

I am the leader of my own fictional country

Mainly focuses on the fictional navy (The country is only one big Island and the nearest country to it is 1200km away)

big island country still has a ground force and an air force, the ground force travels by sea to go to the battlefield, or by portal

the Air Force and Ground forces are also used in the interplanetary invasion or travel to other planets to protect

motto for my group of companies:
"We use advanced technologies for our costumers' comfort"

explainable when you look at my spaceships, does not require you to set your throttle to a specific power level to hover

Likes to build warships

Reached Silver: 9/25/20 or 25/9/20

I have a lot of friends, But I'll only list those who're on the website:
WingWorksDesignCo. (AKA "Meowsers" in discord)





USA Tiger