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I dont want stress in my life. :(

Feel free to join my server!!! (And pls join)

I want happiness...


Name: I won't tell u my personal info (expect my birthday) lmao
Age: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Country: Thailand
Nationality: Thai
Birthday: 26 August
Gender: Male
Status: Kinda active
Callsign: Hawk
Aircraft: Didn't remember
Squadron: Carnage Divison
Rank: Ace

I won't tell you about my real age and name or nickname, cuz it's my secret. >:)
I'm Thai people and just normal people. I like planes, aviation, and rockets, I'm mostly like Supersonic or Hypersonic take an example like Concorde, X-15, F-22, TU-160, etc.

Thelionslipstonight when he lands my PX330:
first time? :)

and I like to play ROBLOX and of course this game tho. ROBLOX? What type of Roblox games? Yeah, you would know, Flight Simulator. And this is (F/A-18) Hornet gang. We just drive F/A-18 But I and my friends land somewhere then...
Hornet gang and their F/A-18
Hornet gang pilots
Well, I think I should stop talking about ROBLOX. and also I'm doing an SP Project named D-0 Series which makes Airliner (D-1 to D/I-10) other types like Citizens planes, Fighter, Bomber, etc. (D-11 to D-20)
D-0 Series logo and D-0 Series planes
I don't know what to say right now, so cya soon! :)

I'm a Founder of Proxima Aircraft Industries and alpha
Proxima's logo
Alpha's logo
Founded on May 4th, 2020 Proxima mostly going to build an airliner and cargo plane (some might be a variant to PXAirliners more info will be added later

Proxima PX and AERPX (Future Rocket Series) planes and rockets are copyrighted!!!

I actually built many planes
But mostly I didn't post my planes in SimplePlanes.com but actually soon I will post it earlier.

My favorite aircrafts:
Boeing 737

Aérospatiale Concorde

Tupolev TU-160 Blackjack

Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor

Boeing 707

North America X-15

Northop Grumman X-29

Northop T-38 Talon

My unfinished builds:
Glider (95%)
Embraer E195 (40%)
De Havilland Comet (0%, planned)
Sud Aviation Caravelle (0%, planned)
Fouga CM.170 Magister (0%, planned)


Bronze: March 14th 2020
Silver: May 3rd 2020
* Gold: June 27th 2020
- 10k (Gold): December 5th 2020

WARNING: those ranking dates are unsure!!!
ranking dates are all based on celebration builds!!

My Friends:
Zeezar2666 (Discord)
OMKINGXD2020 (IRL Friend)

contact me
Discord: Falcon Heavy#5044, Falcon Heavy's Really Really Bruh and New New Server (also pls join)


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