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Been playing for around 4 years, had an account before this one. I like to make low part builds the best I can :)

I mainly flip between periods of doing stuff from the World Wars and the Cold War but occasionally try my hand at more modern builds or even the odd fictional build.

I get quite busy sometimes though so progress may be quick then go quite slow.

I am in the process of ‘retrofitting’ my builds, this will hopefully sort  out the auto roll and bring my other builds up to date.

It is therefore unlikely for new     builds to be done until they have all been updated and standardised.

My Discord : PolyIsGone#0584

The builds that got me to...

  • Bronze - Bf_109 FEATURED!

  • Silver - Spitfire_mk.ia FEATURED!

Favourite Build so far...*


  • P-40_Warhalk (In the works, ~90% complete)

  • Spitfire_mk.ia -retrofitted-
    (pending upload)

  • Me_109E -retrofitted-
    (pending upload)




Possible Future Builds...


  • P-26_Peashooter

  • P-40_Warhalk (In the works, ~90% complete)

  • P-51D_Mustang

  • P-47D_Thunderbolt (B model as variant)

  • P-38_Lightning

  • SBD_Dauntless (Funky Trees Dependent)

  • TBD_Devastator (Funky Trees Dependent)

  • A-20_Havoc (w/ russian lend-lease version)

  • Boeing_B17 (Funky Trees Dependent)

  • B24_Liberator (Funky Trees Dependent)

  • B25_Mitchel (Funky Trees Dependent)


  • A5M_Claude

  • Nakajima_B5N (Funky Trees Dependent)

  • Aichi_D3A (Funky Trees Dependent)

  • Ki.43_Oscar

  • Ki.61_Hien

  • Kawasaki Ki-100

  • G4M_Betty (Funky Trees Dependent)

  • G5N1_Shinzan (Funky Trees Dependent)


  • Fairy_Swordfish (Funky Trees Dependent)

  • Hurricane_mk.i

  • Westland_Whirlwind

  • Tempest_mk.i

  • DH.98_Mosquito

  • Vickers_Wellington (Funky Trees Dependent)

  • Avro_Lancaster (Funky Trees Dependent)

  • Westland_Wyvern (Funky Trees Dependent)

  • Gloster_Meteor


  • I-16_Ishak

  • Polikarpov_Po-2

  • Lavochkin_La-5

  • Yakovlev_Yak-3/7/9 (Probably the Yak-9)

  • IL-2_Sturmovik (Funky Trees Dependent)

  • Tupolev_TB-3 (Funky Trees Dependent)

  • A-20_Havoc (russian lend-lease version)

  • Petlyakov_Pe-8 (Funky Trees Dependent)


  • Me-109F (Might do G variant as well)

  • Fw-190 (A/D ver) (I find this one very difficult)

  • Me-262_Schwalbe (May do multiple variants)

  • Me-163_Komet
    (May test rocket engine, built w/FT)

  • He-162_Volksjäger

  • Fi-103_Maikäfer (V1 flying bomb)
    (May do V2 as well)

  • Bf-110 (Funky Trees Dependent)

  • Ju-87(B/D/G)_Stuka (Funky Trees Dependent)

  • Do-17 (Funky Trees Dependent)

  • Ju-52_Transport

  • Fi-156_Storch

  • Ju-88 (might do both A-1 & A-17 variants) (Funky Trees Dependent)

  • He-111(P/H variant + Fritz-X?) (Funky Trees Dependent)

  • Fw-200_Condor

  • Arado_Ar-234


  • Sanka_mk.B

  • Skyly_J2

  • Rostock_Heavy (Bomber)

Thanks for checking my page out, hope you enjoy my builds :)

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