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About Me: I am [REDACTED], I love Aeronautics and the the study of Aerodynamics as well. I have an interest in cool planes like the Bombardier C series (now the A-220 RIP) I also like the Rockwell B1-B lancer Supersonic Bomber.

Company History

The Polarcap Aerospace/Aeronautical Corporation is a successor of another company: Majestic Aerospace, Majestic Aerospace originally constructed 2 different Airframes from 2 different Departments One Developed the AC-Cardinal (Now the CN-740) And the other developed the AC Bluejay (Now [REDACTED]

Nowadays Polarcap Aeronautics strives to create new airframes while simultaneously revising older ones to fit modern Service

Epic Explosions


Previously known as MajesticAerospace