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    There's something familiar about that link... I just can't put my finger on it...

  • 1Parts HUD 1.6 years ago

    I really love this; my only issue is it is in metric...

  • Simpleplanes Multiplayer one month ago

    Can your device run 3000 parts at playable framerates? No? That's one of the many reasons there will not be mobile multiplayer.

  • Where's da comment section? 1.2 years ago

    Alright, so it looks like the comments are disabled on the post in question. This was done by a mod. That's all I can tell you.

  • pain 1.4 years ago

    I have a new phone! Great, let's just get our stuff from our old ph---
    (we'll be right back theme intensifies)

  • They got a platinum 4 months ago

    I think the reason these accounts are being hacked is reusing the same password across different sites. If one less secure site suffers a data breach, then that username and password can be tried on other sites, and if it works, then the account on that site is compromised.

    On the topic of "commenting on the Veri**pro posts can get you hacked", no. Unless the hackers somehow compromise the SimplePlanes website itself (even then hacking users would be unlikely), you cannot get hacked if you don't provide any personal information or download malware.

    My recommendations, at least for now, are pretty simple: change all your passwords to strong random character passwords (unique to each site), and don't click any suspicious link.

  • You've got a hole in your left wing. 6 months ago

    I actually found a hole in the wing.

    Until I found the piece of dirt on my monitor.

  • IA Raycaster First Map Demo 9 months ago

    This is insane.

  • I have a question..... one year ago


  • A reminder on how loud this thing actually is 1.1 years ago

    Company: How many engines do you want?
    DeveloperKorzalerke: Y E S
    Company: How powerful do you want each engine?
    DeveloperKorzalerke: Y E S
    Company: How loud do you want each engine?
    DeveloperKorzalerke: Y E S
    Company: How big do you want your inlet?
    DeveloperKorzalerke: Y E S
    Company: How fast do you want your plane?
    DeveloperKorzalerke: Y E S
    Company: How inefficient do you want your plane?
    DeveloperKorzalerke: Y E S
    Company: Alright, here you go!

  • Working Windows XP in Simpleplanes 23 days ago

    hmm I wonder why it's blank?
    What does AG1----AAAAAAAAAA

  • Suggestion for the game 4 months ago

    Just use Overload

  • Building method in SP is a pain and testing my sanity 8 months ago

    Meanwhile me who has no idea how to use blender to do anything other than join meshes and finds SP easy and fun to use.

  • Waking up in the morning be like 1.1 years ago

    demonic coarse language wow! It's like the time @BeastHunter upvoted half my posts and got me to plat.

  • SP Tracks concept 1.1 years ago

    Nice presentation, and just like a few of my past suggestions, instead of saying PLz trAck jUROo, it literally designs how the whole part would function.

  • Will there be an SP2? Part 2 1.2 years ago

    The problem with a new game is stuff from the old one wouldn't work on the new one, like crafts.

  • My response to the SimplePlanes VR beta 1.7 years ago

    VR will be coming in 1.12, 1.11 is the new cockpit features, variables, and fuselage slicing.

  • B-36 Building Progress! | The Most Realistic B-36 1.7 years ago

    Wait why are you doing panelling? The update brought fuselage fill sliders, so no-one has to panel ever again!

  • Physics question about power 2 months ago

    SimplePlanes's physics are... simple. They do physics things but are not precise at all. I like to make my builds feel like they fly realistically instead of making all my parameters
    (engine power, craft weight, wing area etc.) realistic.

  • Map Idea for Background 3 months ago


  • Simpleplanes as 3d Modeling.... 5 months ago

    Anything created in SimplePlanes is property of Jundroo LLC. While you can use 3D models from the game for anything you want, attemping to make money off them is prohibited.

  • How 2 get updoots (a guide from a noob) one year ago

    Reverse psychology go brrr

  • [CLOSED] Meme challange 1.2 years ago

    And then SpicyNinja returns with something which gets even more upvotes

  • SWL-10 1.4 years ago

    @ShinyGemsBro Yeah.
    Between you and me, this wasn't made in SimplePlanes. It was made in AdvancedWithWayTooMuchCodePlanes

  • YAMATO 1945 1.6 years ago

    @jamesPLANESii lol I came here for the same reason

  • Better game logic 1.6 years ago

    U got a nasa pc to run this?

  • Readable book with 3 pages 1.6 years ago

    I had a similar idea! I'm planning on making a working checklist for my new planes, so people can learn how to fly it in-game. It would have variables which control how many pages are flipped.

  • YAMATO 1945 3.0 years ago

    i7-8570 H
    16 GB RAM
    GTX 1050

  • Simpleplanes airplane post limit needs to be decreased 4 months ago

    No offense, but this post is the reason for the upload limit's entire existence.

  • I'm going to take a break I don't know for how long but it's not going to be that long 6 months ago

    Please note I am in no way a moderator, and cannot give any 100% accurate statements, but I can make fairly accurate assumptions
    The two reasons your posts get removed are you bypass the autocredit system, and the liveries are also not enough modifications. Additionally, FoxtrotCharlieCharlieX has a policy against using his aircraft for any reason other than to download and fly.

    About the moderators removing your crafts, there is a function of the website called "automod". It is not a moderator, but can remove crafts, when, for example, there are a number of reports created. The moderators always (or mostly always, again I am not a moderator) write a comment to briefly explain why they remove a craft. If there is no such comment on the removed craft in question, then it is safe to assume automod removed it due to a large number of reports.

  • "SpLiT tHe ThRoTtLeS" 7 months ago

    @MrShenanigansSP Yes there is. The SWL-120 uses it. It's complicated. But it works.

  • Do you know who the first player in the game was? 8 months ago

    And finally, he has returned!

  • WARNING, MUTE SOUND!!! Tow plane lands on it own. 8 months ago

    Ears? What are these "ears"?

  • Supersonic Aircraft 10 months ago

    This is a perfect example of what a successor of an upload should be. You took the original nose, and then instead of adding a fuselage and saying it's done, you built a reasonably detailed plane around it. Good job!

  • I have learned how to make custom wings. 10 months ago

    This looks pretty good, but it can be even better. The five part airfoil technique allows for more advanced and smooth airfoils with more details. Here's part 1 of a tutorial on making it. (Sorry if I sound like a salesperson lol)

  • You know those Dall e AI images? 11 months ago

    it sorta looks like sp...

  • I think I ended up remaking the twin prop… one year ago

    Will every single switch work?

  • DO N O T MAKE ROUND/CIRCULAR WINGS!!! one year ago

    It takes like a single extra part per segment. I personally use a five part airfoil, but sheesh, a basic airfoil is 2 parts. IT'S SO EASY!

  • Color tags support Selection Operators! one year ago

    Please tag me on anything you post. If you ever need help, also tag me.

  • Description of Reshade 1.1 years ago

    I used to have a PC. Now I have a small star.

    Jokes aside, this is now giving my RTX 3060 something to do.

  • PETITION: One Part Assemblies (OPAs) 1.1 years ago

    @IceCraftGaming In fact, I have ideas for making a plane where I 3D model lots of parts of it in an external application (fuselage base and wing root, then wing segments, then doors and large moving things), then make a mod which adds all those parts, and assemble it in SP for a part count of around 100 ish parts. Good for potato PC users.

  • Gud Pln 1.1 years ago

    viry gud pln
    I has gud spelin a gammer.

  • A question about curation 1.2 years ago

    No, we don't.

  • I am no longer a dev 1.2 years ago

    In other news, April Fools Day is not the right time to post actual good content. Not only will it be buried by the jokes, people might think it's a joke. Here is an example of a great build which suffered this fate.

  • I FOUND IT! [Where the bots come from] 1.2 years ago

    @JustWingIt Well I guess it's maybe advertising? Around page 5000 or so they all have some random link in the bio. There was also the funny one about a law firm advertising here.
    Ah yes a bunch of 14 year old aviation enthusiasts will need a lawyer.

  • I found the last page! 1.2 years ago

    It's amazing how many bots sign up per day. I swear this has increased by like 200 pages since a week ago.

  • Thanks for dev rank! 1.2 years ago

    @Korzalerke Yes, I think he coded another bot to automatically upvote every single forum post the second they are created.

  • Bug thread for v1.12.128 (current version) 1.2 years ago

    Massive Issue With Gauges

    Bug: RPM gauges automatically change to RotorRPM/600. I keep putting Engine1RPM/600 in (defined by the output of an engine), and I save and reload, and it changes.

    To replicate, grab a dial, change it to RPM, and then put any input in. It will change upon reload.

    Upon further testing, this affects ALL gauges with custom inputs. They will revert back to their default values.

    Upon yet more testing, this is because the gauge doesn't change to "custom", and custom gauges work fine. The bug occurs when just the FT input to a gauge is changed. The gauge doesn't automatically change to custom.

  • A simple suggestion for a simple game. 1.4 years ago

    @jamesPLANESii @BeastHunter Then there's like all the advanced builders who just have a single part with calculateDrag true, the rest are false. To improve performance.

  • Am i the only one that noticed this? 1.6 years ago

    @Stickman The 1.12 beta, which is currently available with the lack of a blog post.