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<<SimpleRockets 2 Account>>

I have SimpleRockets... But why, didn't, they, release, my, rockets? What, is, the, beta, thing, it's, saying?

Let's dance!

Hello! Welcome to the two grapes factory where everything is just two grapez!

zumba every morning benefits: You'll get tired eventually

-The time I got SP I was really dumb
-And I am too addicted To noodles
-I wike Doogs
-I also wike Berds
-I obviously study
-Not good at Math
-A stupid idiot
-I really really really really like doogs
-A faulty jerk
-I suck at Handling/Maneuverability
-For some reason i'm at the 61st page
-I just usually follow those upvoters of my build, and that's how to get 200+ Following =)
-I don't use too much autocorrect
-Remember! My words in Italic means something ironic
-Imagine how boring the world would be if at least 1 country is gone
-I've been infected! All I think about is anime and Japanese stuff now! Help me cure this thing!

Q & AaAaAaAaA

Me e e

1.Q: What do you feel?
1.A: I feel like I'm dead. I'm alive but I'm dead, I'm alive but I'm dead, I'm alive but I'm dead, I'm alive but I'm dead, I'm alive but I'm dead, I'm alive but I'm dead I'm alive but I'm dead, I'm alive but I'm dead, I'm alive but I'm dead I'm alive but I'm dead I'm alive but I'm dead....

2.Q: About blocking you.... Can I-
2.A: Please do so, With pleasure =)

3.Q: Gender, Sir?
3.A; You already said sir you know it

4.Q: Favorite animal?
4.A: Berd and Doog

5.Q: Favorite show?
5.A: Same situation as 4

6.Q: What do you do all day?
6.A: Well if you want to know.,,, When I'm inactive I have my 1,000,000 homeworks (Hyperboleeeee)

7.Q: Why U do dat
7.A: Do what?

8.Q: What do you do on this site?
8.A: What people usually do in this site

9.Q:Tell me something good about yourself.
9.A:I am very creative
9.Q:Oh like making jets?
9.A:Not just that, I also create problems, every single day!

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Reached "Paper"= Ever since I went To this Website
Reached Bronze= I can't Remember Because Of Updooting
Reached Silver= 15/1/2021 (January 1, 2021 Philippines)
Reached Gold= YEEEEEEEET
Reached Platinum= Too far

I adore My country, Fellow Filipinos around the globe!

People I met

-UsualPiooneer> The helpful guy, A Pioneer.
-CrimsonOnigiri> Likes mechs
-tsampoy>Wow! What a technique, creativity! And oh yeah,This is the long link chain he made
-Tristar>Good at building
-Urya> yeah I don't know what to say
-Embo> He's alsk good at building
-KnightofRen> He's a Knight
-BuiltBionixInd10 >Mechhh
-KingOog000>Simple and great person in simpleplanes
-GermanAircrafts> Yeah it's German
-Brendorkus> A Poet
-CKKI>A russian car expert
-MansBestFriend> Well what do you know he is a friend
-NexusGaming> I don't know where he is now
-NordicTuna> He has been inactive for a while
-ACEPILOT109> A great builder
-ArkRoyalTheDDHunter > Another Really, Helpful guy
-DonaldAs2121> ONE, only I don't see him much
- Skykid028 >Very good at making tweaks at planes and the Custom thumbnail
-Learpot> I just see him interested in AfterBurgers
-ThatKindaWeeb>I can't believe I found a person who likes Senko-san as much as I do

And if last on the list doesn't mean lowest to highest or highest to lowest.
Those I didn't mention all of them is on the following page

Favorite Song(s)

The Eve Of The War
Horsell Common and The Heat Ray
The Artilleryman and the Fighting Machine
Forever Autumn
Thunder Child
The Red Weed
The Spirit of Man
Brave New World
Dead London (Part 1)
Epilogue, Pt. 1
Epilogue, Pt. 2 (NASA)
David Guetta ft. Sia-Titanium
Salem Ilese-Mad at Disney
Cardi B ft. Megan Thee Stallion-WAP (No surprises)
Cardi B and Bruno Mars-Please Me
Kero Kero Bonito-Flamingo
A song that I don't know, but it's truly catchy

Favourite TV show(s)

Bring it on, ghost/Hey ghost, let's fight
Cells at Work!
The Tom and Jerry show
Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun
Terra Formars
The Helpful Fox Senko-san

Things I built

War Of The Worlds: Goliath

War Of the Worlds: Goliath tripod 1
War Of The Worlds Goliath tripod 2
War Of The Worlds Goliath tri-plane

War of The Worlds (2005)

War Of The Worlds 2005 Tripod

McDonnell Douglas

McDonnell Douglas AV-8B Harrier

McDonnell Douglas AV-8B Harrier 2


The Great Martian War "Heron"

War Of The Worlds (19??)

Alien Tripod


yes I also started a fictional company, Since I already made 5 fictional Plane/Vehicles

P-1 "Road Runner"
P-2 "Leaper"
P-3 "Striker"
P-4 "Mini Mini"

Hataraku Saibou

U-1146 (Hataraku Saibou)

A WOTW fan here

THIS LINK IS A 3D MODEL OF THE McDonnell Douglas AV-8B Harrier.


Pictures Of My Favorite Jet Of All Time

Pictures Of My Favorite Commercial Plane

Anyways, I'd Like to make custom Landing Gears, So I'll Proudly help if you needed help....Mention me for that.. Any other requests will also do..............

And I also Make other plens

But I focus on Jets

I suck at making airliners.

I'm mad at parrots parrots they tricked me tricked me said "Wish on a shooting star"

I'll give this link for you for reading everything (Yeah, I animated that. Make sure to like and press that "+" button!)

"Its the I like it guy!"

Previously known as Planecrafter1622, PaperCrafter1622, Macrophage