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Hey there! It's your friendly 🇧🇷 Brazilian 🇧🇷 aviator, Jerlifer, but you can just call me Pilot Ryder! I'm on a mission to help fellow aviators navigate the skies, offering a helping hand to anyone facing some problems in their aircraft . Now, let's get to know me a bit better:

Here's a little peek into my world:

-I might only be 14 years old, but I'm flying high!
-I'm in the world of SimplePlanes online
-Can you believe it? I've been soaring through the SimplePlanes skies for a whole 6 years!
-I have a knack for creating amazing thumbnails for my airplanes!
-Okay, okay, I might not win any beauty contests, but I've got personality! XD
-I don't drop planes too often – I'm a bit of a rare bird.
-Sometimes, life keeps me grounded, but I'm always ready when I can !

Previously known as PowerRyder, YourFriendRyder