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got my inspiration back... maybe i will design absurdly strong weapons soon

I will even annoy you on sr.com!

reminders for myself and others:
WNP78´s list of XML-tags

wanna read my story?
Some good music
everything here is free to use. I like to see that other players
improve my work. But please let me see what you have used my
stuff for (please write @PilotOfFuture in the comments of your version)

My youtube channel

Wanna listen to cool music?

James Stikå is a teenager, and quite talanted in my oppinion. Don't not not not try out his music!

I've signed in to upload planes wich i like, i hope you will like them too.
I like physics, chemistry and biologie, also i really like helping people (sometimes i overdo).
I think my favorite "plane" is that helicopter in the middile of my profile picture.
My planes are usually not replicas, most of them are fictive and modded. Also they are mobile-friendly...
-(thats how i say "i dont care about details").
I'm XML-modder, so if you need a special modded part i will try to help you.
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ECRS (Elite Combat and Research Service) is a tag wich i use for highend stuff. Those things have the best handling, the most advanced functions, high reliability and in some cases even the best weapons of all my planes. Also most of them can float on water and are capable of vtol or stol. Make sure to give them a try

Flying Crarrier

wow, you rally read my bio?