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I have a MILD addiction to the north American t-6 Texan, dont judge me


link to a VTOL tutorial by KoR

link to my tutorial to make professional in game screenshots

Hello, and welcome to my shitty profile! Im a 18 year old creator on this site, and have been playing for over 5 years at this point. I am primarily a car builder, with many different styles of cars from american muscle, to race cars, and even a little JDM. I try to make cars as mobile friendly as i can while still making useable and fun cars to drive. All of my creations are ment for mobile players to use so if they are hard to control on a keyboard, sorry not sorry. My favorite type of car to build are old stockcars, with a 2001 gen 4 monte carlo being made, and another gen 4 car that was rather old and outdated, but i have a next gen car being built it the moment, as well as Daryl Waltrips #11 Mt. Dew car in the works, with plans to make mark martins 1998 valvoline car, as well as a gen 5, gen 6, and even some older cars like the 80s gen 2 cars. Im a massive nut when it comes to NASCAR, and while I may be rather new to the history, everything I learn is so fascinating and I love it. Definitely will see many more NASCAR related builds from me in the future.

For those who care about more personal stuff:

Favorite type of music?

Almost anything modern metal

Favorite bands?

Bloodywood, Chelsea Grin, Slackjaw, Brand of Sacrifice, Slaughter to Prevail, i prevail, Electric Callboy, Lorena Shore, Slipknot, FFDP, Sabaton, Shadow of Intent, Within Destruction, Distrubed, Orbit Culture, and three Days Grace, to name a few

favorite cars?

Ferrari 296 gt3, 488 gt3, 456, 240, f40, and f50, almost anything chevy (proud owner of a 1997 Chevy 1500), 2018 dodge demon, Nissan s15 silvia, Mazda rx-7, Mazda 787b, V10 era Ferrari F1 car (2004 i believe), Volvo 240 with the i5 turbo, Porsche 944, and Koenigsegg jesko, to name a few


Nothing really i can do at the moment, no space to do any but would love to make custom cars, get into sim/IRL racing, gaming, model and irl aviation
I have plans to eventually start a custom woodworking business and have ideas already for projects to sell. I plan to have it off the ground in 5 years, but more realistically shoot for 10.

my youtube channel is really kinda dead, i may post every once and awhile just for giggles

ACTIVITY STATUS: upload once in a blue moon, hopefully can start shelling out more projects soon

Thanks for checking out my profile!

check out some of my best builds below!

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