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I have a MILD addiction to the north American t-6 Texan, dont judge me


link to a VTOL tutorial by KoR

link to my tutorial to make professional in game screenshots

"If you know yourself and your enemy you need not fear about what's to come in 100 battles, if you know yourself and not your enemy for every battle you win you will also suffer a defeat, if you dont know yourself or your enemy you will secom to ever battle" Beginning of art of war by sabaton

my youtube channel is really kinda dead, i may post every once and awhile just for giggles

ACTIVITY STATUS: upload when i can, at most 4 builds a month

Hello I am a 16 year old creator here on simpleplanes. I love this game and I love to make planes, cars, and tanks, I'm not good at making helicopter I've tried. Most of my creations are simple and not super detailed, I'm trying to get better. Right now I only have this game on my phone but hope when I move out on my own I can get my own gaming setup, and maybe start a YouTube channel.
I am taking automotive technology at my local votechical school, met one of my best friends there and have been enjoying all the new knowledge I've picked up on cars, and about myself. Right now I'm not to sure where I'm going after high school, it will most likely be at a UTI school.
On the road to plat, 20k points as of may 25th.

Some stuff about me

  • I love aviation and would love to fly in a ww2 era plane ( tho I never flew in a plane before)
  • I believe in ghosts ( I made a forum about this)
  • my favorite ww2 era plane is seriously a North American t-6 Texan I absolutely love this aircraft
  • I love heavy metal music with my favorite bands being 5fdp, disturbed, sabaton, bobaflex, avenged sevenfold, and all that remains
  • I love classic rock mainly AC/DC, areosmith, Metallica, Guns N Rose's and ZZ top
  • I love ww2, and hope to teach it.
  • I'm thinking of opening up a custom tank shop, making 1-2 person tanks ( not actually with a real cannon got to keep it legal) I have some ideas for some other stuff pertaining to it
  • I would love to start in foamboard aircraft like those done by flitetest.
  • I have a YouTube channel that at the time of writing this has 11 subscribers (very impressive I know) but I'm honestly not going to take it seriously until I get my own computer so I can make more professional videos my channel
  • i believe in alien life somewhere in the universe, there's way to many planets and systems out there to sway my mind, in our own galaxy theres billions of stars with even more planets to go with those stars, its obviously a possibility if you have more that 2 brain cells.
  • If I would ever try and get my pilots license I would want to do it on a T-6, if you know me you know of my addiction to it, and its seems like a good aircraft to learn on, if people could do it in time of war, then why not now?
  • I would love to learn metal fabrication, I have some ideas cooking in my brain for some cool projects.

friends list ( who knew I had friends)

Wiimini (glad to have you back buddy!!)
Acepilot109 ( my first friend on the site)
ParziParziTheVal ( rip buddy, my absolute best friend on this website, you will be miss man)
Tsampoy ( one of my newest friends and one of the closest ones)
Skyler (a really good person to talk to, I'll always have your back buddy)
LieutenantSOT (awesome guy to talk to, and helps me out a bunch with his willingness to give harsh criticism, always try to improve as much as I can from that criticism)
Knightsofren ( nice person, a bit harsh sometimes, but sometimes its needed)
Musraskrois ( a good builder that I found when he was just starting out, he was a very good builder for the rank and glad to call him a friend, always comments on my builds)
I might have more I dont know.

fictional companies

  1. Airalon: my first, which means horrible aircraft
  2. Gilbert: my first ground based company, really bad designs
  3. Saxon boat works: first boat based company, really bad ships
  4. Areo-namics: my better aircraft company, lot better quality
  5. Areo-tech: has to do with some tech stuff, mainly bombs and all that
  6. Taikav areo industries: ultralights, and almostlights, not many here yet I will definitely add more in the future

    quotes I created

Everyone progresses at a different rate of time than the guy next to them, but it's the time and the determination that makes them succeed in their work. Time will tell when you improve, but you have to be the one to say, I'm ready to improve and I'm going to make my stuff better by doing this this...

life may lead you in one direction, but your heart is the one that says you will move ahead, your heart is the engine that drives your ship through the roughest of waves and the harshest of circumstances.

People need to start realizing that our government is ment so we the people chose who we want with a vote, a best man wins vote across our nation, to make our decisions. Democrats didn't like when trump won, and Republicans didn't like when biden won, this is all apart of our American dream, it's been that way for 200 years, in another 55 or so years our country will be 300 years old, this is because the way we govern works, it's a system, by the people for the people, and it's why we have remained free, and open to express our thoughts, our feelings, or beliefs to the rest of our country. This is why we are free, this is how it should stay. got a bit political

a game is only as good as the code it carries out allows it. This is why a developer needs to have constant updates to a game or platform, to fix things that may go wrong. Sometimes it's the engine that that developer uses that dictates weither we get game changing updates, or just game enhancing updates. Realize that these developers do this for a job, they are constantly looking at the code, making changes, these changes can effect other things, meaning they have to fix what that messes up, this can get frustrating, so updates to a particular game may take alot longer than we would want, but its necessary to keep playing the game, to show that the game they put there heart into is still alive, that there work is not in vein. Keep that in mind next time you go to make a forum saying how it would be so cool to have this, you need to realize that it's not as easy as puting in a few letters and numbers and you got an update, it takes time. If a developer reads this, keep doing what your doing, keep the updates coming, this game is what we use to unwind, you made an amazing game, an amazing community, this is what we need right now, a way to connect, to distract ourselves, we all need this game in one way or another.

the world is driven by hope, hope that we can succeed, hope that our way of government will work, hope that all of us, United as a nation, will continue to prosper, continue to be the driving force of capitalism, and holding the world order in balance.

never ever under any situation, no matter the circumstances, ever ever EVER, question a cat, they do what ever they want and dont care what you think so just dont question them

to breeze through life is not living life, take your life where the wind takes you, if opportunity presents itself take the crazy option, take the road that is less traveled as Robert Frost says, you never know what you'll discover about yourself.
I do have a simple rockets 2 account, check it out right here!

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