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About me.
Been living in Singapore for my entire life and in 3rd year of Secondary School (15 years old). I am a biological female, and I have a loving boyfriend who I hope to marry <3 <3

Hayase Nagatoro is literally me (i am delulu)

Friends list:
DeadlyDialga - Mweeeh
TheCommentaryGuy - Bwestie boo!! <3
JP11 - That's cold bruv🥶
RepublicOfCursedPlanes - Fellow Singaporean
Applecrumble - Fellow Singaporean No. 2
L1nus - Tech Tips
InuYasha8215 - Flying USS Ronald Reagan
CL125 - My favourite Canadian
OpenHere -Same day shipping can only take you so far.
LIQUIDconsumer - Liqqy
TheFlightGuySP - Radiation Consumer
IndesterSion - VTOL 747
SpartanSR91 - Master Chief
Freerider2142 - Helikopter Helikopter
KenzarAircraft - Goober

I have the freedom to modify my friends lists whenever I want. If you get removed, there's a reason. If I decline to add you, there is also a reason.

Discord - pan_pandemonium

DMs are free, however don't expect me to be online 24/7.

no requests
please do not make successors of my aircraft unless if i give you guys permission. though, permission will only be given on the aircraft you want to modify and not all of my stuff.
please have common sense when communicating with me.

Previously known as SimplePlanesUser123, SimpleSimplePlanesTheUser, FryingDryingPan, DyingPan, AlivePan