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  • Flying Bullet 5.7 years ago

    That's not flying bullet. it's a flying cartridge. The bullet is the projectile. The casing doesn't go with it when the primer is struck and the gunpowder ignites.

  • Boeing 747 5.7 years ago

    How do you make those wings?

  • F-41 5.8 years ago

    @Thehtmguy Yes, yes I am. I am pushing to enlist this April. I'm getting a shotgun for christmas and I got into the Criminal Justice Junior Police Academy. It's like the high school JROTC only for police officers.

  • Mitsubishi G4M3 5.8 years ago

    @RASEN1914 how'd you get that background?!

  • Boeing 737-757 5.9 years ago

    @SkullsAndCrossbones Oh, it was easy to do. I didn't create any of the interiors. I changed the color schemes of the interiors, but that's it. I give full credit to the original author. By the way, this plane, if you take off the outer aileron wing on either side, it can still fly and you can fly perfectly fine so long as you don't pull any drastic maneuvers.

  • Allied H2 Humvee Finished final version 5.9 years ago

    I've been waiting to build this puppy for a good long while now. Why? Because this, is the ONLY good H2 Humvee that you can find on this website at the moment. It is, go try to find one that is better than mine. Go on. do it. you will not find any. So, you are welcome for bringing this long needed design to the table!

  • a basic, general H2 Humvee design 5.9 years ago

    @Thehtmguy Pardon?

  • guns!!!! 5.9 years ago

    Interesting. Very interesting. As a person, who knows almost too much about firearms, this is a good job, for some digital miniature models. kudos to you.

  • The cube. 5.9 years ago

    @Thehtmguy yay lol Oh, and hey, you still enlisting in the air force? er, was it the Navy. I can't recall..

  • Indestructible box V2 6.2 years ago

    it explodes when I load it up onto my saved area which it is going 3,478,916mph at a height of -21,474,836ft.

  • A-10 Warthog 6.2 years ago

    to be honest, you should make the opening sentence of the description "Do you need someone dead? Really dead? Well no need to search any longer!"

  • A-10 Warthog 6.2 years ago

    when you need something really dead.

  • Checking in.... again... 6.2 years ago

    @Thefalloutplayr Though there are not any wars, there are still skrimishes, since terrorist groups are not an actual uniformed army, they can't have war declared upon them specifically. the War on Terror isn't a war either, it is a term to describe the situation in the middle east and northern Africa. So you are correct but theres still fighting.

  • Checking in.... again... 6.2 years ago

    @TehNewDucky the one comment you made, "Watch your back. Sometimes there might be bullets in it.", was really not nessecary. I'm not offended easily, nor does it offend me, but come on man. That's pretty dark.

  • Checking in.... again... 6.2 years ago

    I thank everyone for commenting! I tend not to be on the internet much, and since final exams are done, I can focus more on cardeo activities, speaking I live in the New England region so summer is about the only time to get sun without getting frostbite. I do talk and know combat veterans personally, one of which was a Staff Sergeant in the U.S.M.C. which is the branch I'm going into. And I do know my things when it comes to what to and not to do. I also made it into the Criminal Justice program which basically is police schooling for high school students. but again, I appreciate everyone's input!

  • Checking in.... again... 6.2 years ago


  • REACHED 1,000 points!!!! 6.2 years ago

    @Glaceon Yes, insult the creation that already had a discussion about. you are a bit late to the party, and don't refer to me as "M8" unless you are seriously that incapable of typing in my username.

  • An Awesome Horten Ho-229 ! 6.2 years ago

    @S3b4s7ian I know. I watched an entire documentary on the plane.

  • Great Lakes Fighter 6.4 years ago

    @Thehtmguy I donn't remember.

  • Great Lakes Fighter 6.4 years ago

    @WalrusAircraft Yeah, I live along Lake Erie. and I've actually gotten to sail past one of those giants of steel on water, I was in a little moter boat because my dad used to work on the lake so i got free rides and stuff. those ships are MASSIVE.

  • C17 globemaster (FIXED) 6.4 years ago

    So HA.

  • C17 globemaster (FIXED) 6.4 years ago

    @Bababooey And your going to America? I LIVE in America.

  • C17 globemaster (FIXED) 6.4 years ago

    @Bababooey Sqeeker means anyone under 14. which generally speaking, those that haven't hit the part of puberty when their voices change. and Royal Air Force? yeah, cool. but the Marines are the best of the best, brutal training, and have the longest training in the United States Military, we are the last to leave, first to go. Badest of the bad, the top of the pick for infantry. theres a reason Marines get bragging rights. we get the job done the first time we go.

  • An Awesome Horten Ho-229 ! 6.4 years ago

    a little fun fact about these beauties, is that the two that were actually made, (which we have one recovered, in a secret government wearhouse, true story though) the main frame of it was costructed of wood.

  • The Angel of Death 6.4 years ago

    @SimpleTechAndResearch it is really meant for a wwii type fight lol of course it got wrecked by a missile, it is a prop plane not a jet lol

  • The Angel of Death 6.4 years ago

    @SimpleTechAndResearch I don't think the AI can fly this as good as it can perform. It's meant for players to control it, I have not tested the AI with it yet....

  • The Angel of Death 6.4 years ago

    @SimpleTechAndResearch oh ok lol

  • The Angel of Death 6.4 years ago

    @SimpleTechAndResearch sweeeeeeet, I'm gonna go download that!

  • Great Lakes Fighter 6.4 years ago

    @SimpleTechAndResearch you mean the USS Tiny as the last one.

  • The Angel of Death 6.4 years ago

    @SimpleTechAndResearch maybe you should download it and use your army against it. I'm not going to test ALL of your craft against it, though you make pretty dang cool creations, I have a couple of yours in my game.

  • Jet Powered Race Boat 6.4 years ago


  • Lockheed Martin SR--71 "Blackbird" 6.4 years ago

    this took me over a month, was the hardest creation to build, and I get 3 upvotes. It didn't even beat 10 upvotes, which was a plane I made in 30 seconds, AS A JOKE. face palms

  • Axis Bomber 6.4 years ago

    @Thehtmguy can you make me a part? I need a bomb that can take out EVERYTHING in one explosion. all aircraft carriers, destroyers and bridges, (I have the steam version now and we got sinkable ships).

  • C17 globemaster (FIXED) 6.4 years ago

    @Bababooey Hey, I think you should watch this video. It's one of my personal favorites, and I think you will take something from it, and learn. it's a cool video, you might enjoy it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1hgLDjLweY

  • C17 globemaster (FIXED) 6.4 years ago

    @Bababooey Oh, that explains a lot, you are a squeeker squad. well, a sqeeker. I'm 16. And enlisting into the United States Marine Corps. so I will apologize for coming on too rough.

  • Model 98 Shotgun, Cutdown 6.4 years ago

    @Pilotmario I never said they didn't exist. I was simply stating I've never seen a proper, company licenced one. I mean, my first hunting trip, I used a (whatI call a redneck garage project), it was a rifle stock, I don't know anything about it, except the fact it was a 12 gauge. I'm a firearms expert but a bolt action shotgun wasn't really something I thought about looking up lol

  • C17 globemaster (FIXED) 6.4 years ago

    @Bababooey Another thing you got wrong, is the tanks part, the C-17 doesn't carry that type of load, now a C-5M Super Galaxy can do that, but not a Globemaster. food, water, and guns go under supplies, so you don't have to list them off like that. Troops, well, I'd say infantry, units or other words. Don't take it as I don't like you, I just don't like your aircraft, which is why I took the time to tell you what was wrong, and showed you my own design. Which if you handled criticism better, you'd know that it is a more complex way of saying that your design sucks, and you should fix it. Because naming it a Globemaster is basically screaminmg "HEY THIS IS A CLOSE, ALMOST 1-1 REPRESENTATION OF THE REAL DEAL!" which doing that attracts people like me.

  • C17 globemaster (FIXED) 6.4 years ago

    @Bababooey I can tell that you don't understand why I use the parts I the way I use them, and that is fine, but I can also tell you don't like criticism, which if you can't handle other people's opinions, I suggest you don't use the real life names of the aircraft.

  • C17 globemaster (FIXED) 6.4 years ago

    @Bababooey I don't go for bomb bays and those stupid details, I go for the exterior looks, the airbrakes are for color contrast, and I put at least 7 hours into the majority of my creations, the hardest one being the SR-71 Blackbird which took over 18 hours to build.

  • C17 globemaster (FIXED) 6.4 years ago

    @Bababooey You've never even seen a Globemaster, have you? And I want to ask, was your craft supposed to be a C-17 Globemaster? if yes, I want you to go google up a picture of what the actual C-17 globemaster, so you can see that my Globemaster is very accurate and close to the real deal. I know a lot about the United States Air Force's inventory, so I know most of the planes down to the letter. As you could tell with most of my creations.

  • Model 98 Shotgun, Cutdown 6.4 years ago

    I was going to be like: "I've never seen a bolt action shotgun in my entire life" but than I saw the fictional tag and was like, "Oooohh ok." lol

  • Trump and the Second Amendment 6.4 years ago

    I want every anti-gunner on this page to know, The second amendment IS my consealed carry permit.

  • C17 globemaster (FIXED) 6.4 years ago

    That is not a globemaster. that is a blimp with wings. Go to my planes, I built a Globemaster, and I recommend you download it, it is one of the best Globemaster's you can find.

  • UPDATE FEATURES? 6.4 years ago

    @IStoleYourMeme how do I post a picture? Cuz I want to show you the screenshot I took of the conversation as proof. I mean, it's not classified because if it were, you'd think he wouldn't tell me.

  • UPDATE FEATURES? 6.4 years ago

    @IStoleYourMeme hmp. Thought it said that. well whatever, I was talking with Jundroo on facebook messenger about steam accounts and Apple accounts cuz I was wondering if I could transfer data from the two, and as one of the last messages I read from him, was a future update, and what he wanted to add.

  • UPDATE FEATURES? 6.4 years ago

    @IStoleYourMeme no because the update is already out.

  • The most historically accurate,helicopter plane jet 6.4 years ago

    @MysteryBox same dude, same.

  • Banchee 6.4 years ago

    @General360 lol yeah, as you can see, I don't name my projects until release, I use code names to look them up faster because I normally don't care what the name of it is until publishing.

  • Vought F4U Corsair 6.4 years ago

    @General360 thanks! it's basically a 1-1 replica, mainly because of the engine, it is almost the exact same thing as the real deal, except the fact that the real thing has 153" propellers, instead of 150" propellers. and amazingly the real life thing has 2000 horse power, so that was easy to replicate lol

  • Got Steam? 6.4 years ago

    @jsaret I know this because Jundroo just posted it on Facebook.