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Hm Hm Funne

I Liek Low Part Count Shit

Mchet Jrastch (MJ)

Mchet Jrastch. I got the name after smashing my keyboard. It's my fictional brand for (most of) my builds.
There are 3 variations of MJ

Mchet Jratch (MJ):

Regular aircraft builds

Mchet Jrastch Bomber (MJB):

A special brand for bomber aircrafts

Mchet Jrastch "R"(MJR):

Another special brand for cars, trucks, and rovers

Finished Project:

MJ 800 Cargo Plane with Grandong

MJ - 12 Dragonfly
MJ - 95 Arrow
MJ - 65 Biplane
FV Marem
Duck Paddle Bote
Simple Fishing Boat
MJ - 63 STOL 'Lux'
MJ - 88 Excavator (Vanilla Track)
MJ-56 'ClownFish'
MJ-645 Shark
MJ Ultralight MK 3
MJ-344 Waterplane
MJ-132 V-Tail
MJ-10 Trike
MJ-114 Regional Airliner
MJ-478 Bluu da puff
MJB-410 Blue Whale Nuke Bomber
MJB-1109 Carpet Bomber
MJR-22 Crawler

Discord: PiTiK.U#0460

Member Of:

SimplePlanes Builder's Chat

SimplePlanes Comunity Server

SimplePlanes Indonesia

Previously known as Mejique01