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My name is Derp...
Just call me that
also if my profile picture looks like a some sort of dog matching the description a few paragraphs below, I drew that

I am a Mexican

Things I like:

I enjoy skiing, I ski up at Timberline lodge (where the shining was filmed) I am very good at it, fastest recorded speed was 40-50 mph. I probably went faster...
My favorite plane is the Consolidated PBY-5a Catalina
My favorite car is the Dodge Charger and would prefer it over any car
I sometimes enjoy RPing just for the hell of it
I am very good at building things especially IRL, i am also very good with electronics
I am an expert on Aviation and the engineering behind it
if i seem to not be knowledgeable about something related its because i am probably joking or am not familiar because it is from a different country

I am a navy colored long-haired Soyacfartala with a white snout and paws and easily distinguishable yellow eyes along with a light green collar
I also turn white during the winter, so look out for me in the snow, I may be hiding ;3
its also best to refer to this when petting me
what a Soyacfartala is

My discord is TheDerpingMemes#7505(#3841) (i have not been online nor plan to be for some time)
My Xbox is TheDerpingMemes
My discord server warning, user discretion is advised when joining my server
My humorous YouTube Channel

Proud Founder of CLevic Aviation and Space Corporation

Information Regarding CLevic can be found here

I am the First Person to make Clickable images on this site, i had discovered it screwing around with hypertext and HTML witch lead me to making a clickable image. I attempted to show others but failed, and so someone else saw it and then started to spread it after the launch of the SR2 website

last thing, I DO NOT do mobile friendly at all, i may run on mobile but that is because my devices are superior to most

Previously known as TheDerpingMemes, DerpTheSoyacfartala