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I like planes I thank you guys and the comuity for all the support I’m going to upload more because all the support goals: get atleast 10 upvotes on a plane, learn how to make planes with fusalauge wich will probably get me goal 1, get GTAEnterprises to help me make a boat. So FYI the Q400 collage started 1 or 2 months ago and it was this is how it went so I’m going to use speed name so GTAEnterprises is GTAE and I am Me so here how it went: GTAE: do you want to do a collab? Me: yes :D. GTAE: what plane? Me: Q400. Ok so that’s how it started it will be out soon probably a way or few days or a week at most. so all mods @thecrusader is doing @ mods to get me banned and also the builds he did it on are ones @randomusername deeleted