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Click here for the Feta Corp website!

You are now viewing: Copy of Feta Home Page: 5/11/2021 Edition

Reminder: Feta Corp updates this page every couple of days... maybe. So if you're bored sometime... try to check back here.


  • HAPPY NEW YEAR, 2021!

  • Feta Website Update (again) - 1.3! More New Features!

  • Home page updated again...

  • Tank soon, please be patient!

  • I got a nice computer to actually run SP... (splash maybe?)

Home Page:

Info Page Links

Our New Website

The Lore of Feta Corp

Our Programs

Members, Levels and Projects

Cool Social Links

Youtube [5 subs]

Reddit chirp chirp

Discord Server [22 members]

Feta Corp Website

Fav Plane Links, Updated!

Doublebow Aircraft Carrier

All Usage Bush Plane

Fox Block 1A Fighter

Falcon Medium Cruiser

Build Amounts:

As of updated bio of 5/11/2021, Feta Corp has launched:

11 Air-based Vehicles

5 Ground Vehicles

7 Aquatic Vehicles

5 Stationed Emplacements

1 Weapon Packs

1 Challenges

12+ Posts

8 Subassemblies

4 1/2 Videos


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