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  • Tactical Laser System Mod 2.2 years ago

    is that possible to fix broken textures in 1.9?
    it was my favorite mod...
    hope it will be fixed soon

  • I need help about cannons and rocket launchers 2.2 years ago

    @AircraftoftheRedStar It's works! thank you so much

  • Some Questions 3.6 years ago

    Thanks again friends
    You both helped much now i'am trying to making a spaceships with your tips :)

  • Some Questions 3.6 years ago

    Thanks again i will use it =)
    No just i like fantastic aircrafts i would make those RCN's for boost or fantastic "air engine" even i would try it underwater etc..
    But spaceship is good idea i can try one :)

  • Some Questions 3.6 years ago


    Thank you so much! i did a fail i meant "Vtol Rcn"
    Thanks for answers i will try now :)

  • Engine Expansion Pack 3.9 years ago

    Hey @Starbound i like very much your engine mods... you are talented for creating engine mods... if its possible i would give you some ideas: Rotors, Ship Propellers, Electric Engines, Steam Engines etc....
    Sorry for bad english thanks for mods =)

  • M 360 OZONE 4.2 years ago

    this is very creative!

  • Rotor Brake 2.2 years ago


    I select Trim Input for throttle
    After landing i set Trim " -1 "
    When its stop i set trim " 0 "

    So i can stop like this
    But i will try your last comment here

    Sorry for the bad english and thanks for helps.

  • Overload 3.1 years ago

    @WNP78 ah i am sorry thats my bad english i mean " maxrpm " on prop engines

  • Overload 3.1 years ago

    i can't find enginemaxtorque option in 1.8

  • How to make maps? 3.5 years ago

    @destroyerP Thank you so much yes it helps enough :)

  • Custom Keys 3.6 years ago

    @Razor3278 Yes i did deep research i found nothing
    I will try to find another way
    Thanks for answers :)

  • Custom Keys 3.6 years ago

    @Razor3278 thanks but no i mean
    Add more inputs, new inputs..

  • BF-808 "Schnozzer" 4.2 years ago


  • My First Fighter Heliciopter 4.3 years ago

    Thanks for upvoting!
    No its my design

  • Metric Conversion 4.7 years ago

    Awesome!! Thanks :)

  • Aero Effect is now available 4.8 years ago

    Yeah! i can't wait for next month 1.7 update :p i wonder what news about 1.7? rotors? glasses?

  • My First Car 4.8 years ago


    Thanks friends i'm happy for your comments... your comments makes me more enthusiastic so i made my second car today its 4x4 and have suspensions and some interior details but still im a noob :p
    I can't upload it now i should wait for tomorrow but i took its screenshots if you wonder it you can look it from these links ;


    Thanks for helping KnightofAraulen i'm following u now if i have questions i will ask you
    Sorry for my bad english

  • MTB-Amphibious Aircraft 4.8 years ago

    wow super!

  • Simple Ufo 4.9 years ago


    Eheh :) thank you i'm glad if u like it
    i made version 2 of this ufo you can find it ;

    in this link :)