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You have arrived in the wrong destination.

Welcome to Feve biography.
He is just a lazy person, he didn't wanna wrote anything.

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Hi, My name is censored, My age is private information.
I'm a Indonesian person who sucks at building aircrafts in SimplePlanes. SimplePlanes is my all time favorite game, I say that it's better than Minecraft. SimplePlanes makes you more creativity and makes your imaginations true by making aircrafts etc.

About me:
Religion: Muslim
Age: private information
Favorite color: Saga Green (light green)
Country: You can tell from the flag up there. NO IT'S NOT MONACO OR POLAND

What is my account meaning of "SJET"?

SJET is my fictional company of civillian and warfare (ww1-2) aircrafts.
The logo SJET represents the garuda bird. Based of "Bhinneka Tungga Ika". >which means "We have different ethnic group different but we are united." >which is from Indonesia. which follows the Garuda Pancasila, The bird >Garuda is the national animal for Indonesia.

Previously known as Feve, LogoAndCars1, NotRandomBuilder8732, SJET, NotRandomBuilder8732