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Hello, welcome to my profile. So i finally decided to edit my Bio

I am 18 years old, currently living in Indonesia and is now a mechanical engineering education student

- watching anime
- playing games
- drawing (?)
- listening to music (that's like asking if you like to be happy tho)

Why warships ?? I just like them because they're large and packing with weapons of mass destr-- i mean weapons for defense. Maybe born and living in an island chains country is also a factor. Even tho i have close to nothing in terms of knowledge in the topic of warships, i still like them lmao. I like the ships from the dreadnought era to modern era.

I entered university in mechanical engineering education because of my father being a mechanical engineering major himself, and from child im very interested in engineering.

my favorite musics are mostly of the eurobeat genre, much of them is made by Sound Holic and A One. Why eurobeats ?? I like going fast IRL, i like playing racing games and watching racing movies, so i like cars and stuff like that. In fact, my favorite (and dream car) is the Skyline R32, one of the most beautiful cars made for the common man, with an 80s retro look to fool the lambo fanboys, unlike the Lambos and Ferraris with their aggresive headlights, the Skyline R32 is more neutral looking which is a factor, what about the R34 ?? She's a car with a deserved respect in the community, but i like the R32 more because of her 80s look.

Anyways, that'll be it for me for now. I have builds upcoming, and i may always have something to build. Thanks for reading.

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