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I'm pretty sure that Zaine is going to destroy the SP point system within the next few months with all this 'PSM' aircraft...
Zaine is very nice though, check him out on the link below!

About Me:

The biggest

Fan you ever met

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I live in the 20th-21st time zone, (Aka Australia) yay.

Quick notice

Go check out my friend sus232's account he is the player that got me to silver.
Also check WINGSIRONDYNAMIC's account because he has been there from the start of my SP journey and Zaineman's account because he helped my so much.
Check out WADA because he's one of my friends.

Your average 1st to 4th gen fighter enjoyer

Ok, I'm an AC7 fan.
Hello, this is my sixth year of Simpleplanes (even though I left it for about two years).
I decided to make an account on SP at the end of the second school term, I thought it would be good to put my ideas around the world of SP and it would make me more creative.

I play Ace Combat 7 and Minecraft, I am very creative, I love panelling (Thanks to the people on the server thing that helped me).

I am trying my hardest to make planes, and nice ones, it is lots of work, but worth it.

I love all planes, especially fighters, I love going to air shows to see planes like the F-35.

I run LoneFish Industries and Neruneten studios

I am learning to fly!

The plane I learn in is an

Evektor sportstar max

This photo was taken at my local airport

My top 3 favourite real aircraft

Sukhoi Su-30SM

JAS 39C Gripen


My top 3 'fictional' aircraft




Other Stuff
I usually feel like playing SP but my internet is very bad 70% of the time.
I love using SP, especially in the week of 25th day of the 6th month throughout that week because that is where I started, In my uncles house when I go to visit, usually only once a year.
Late nights, Tropical days and chilling in the lounge room there makes me very happy and is the perfect SP building environment.
If there is a place that you love to be at, try to find time to visit it, I know that some people can't for many reasons, but everyone needs a break every so often.

Please tell me what I can improve on in my creations.
If you are in lockdown, make some more planes and create anything you want. Trust me, it will help pass the time and make you happier.

(-Added in 2021)

Current PLANNED Projects -

-Quad Plane(G/H-01)
-F-86 Sabre

Other Accounts...

I have a SimpleRockets2 account which is here

Also, I have a War Thunder account 'Neruneten21'

My Discord


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