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I live in the 20th, 21st time zone, yay.

Ok, I'm an AC7 fan.
Hello, this is my fourth year of Simpleplanes (even though I left it for about two years).
I decided to make an account on SP at the end of the second school term, I thought it would be good to put my ideas around the world of SP and it would make me more creative and careful (Careful when it comes to making a plane).

I play Ace Combat 7 and Minecraft, I am very creative, I love panelling (Thanks to the people on the server thing that helped me) (and I don't post my panelled aircraft Didn't anyway)

I am trying my hardest to make planes, and nice ones, it is lots of work, but worth it.

I love all planes, especially fighters, I love going to air shows to see planes like the F-35.

Please tell me what I can improve on in my creations.
If you are in lockdown, make some more planes and create anything you want. Trust me, it will help pass the time and make you happier.

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