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as of November 2020

I've been playing this game for 4.7 years now and I build mostly aircraft (using technologies centuries ahead of anything available now), but I have made other things, like cars (like the CV-NX), a few guns, and a few other things. I once modified other people's cars(and trust me, they were quite something in my opinion).
Sometimes if i don't quite know how to do something I want, I might reverse engineer something from someone else's design(ex. E-25 FT-Code). As of late, production has been slowing down a fair bit. Currently trying to erase my past as I think their actions left me in total solitude.

Mods I use

Adjustable gravity(no longer)
Limitless spin(no longer)
Fine Tuner
Designer suite

Samsung J36
iPhone 4S (reincarnated)

Personal Bookmarks
-Weapons XML Properties

personal goals
-Make a good looking F-22A Raptor (interior included) that handles >90% like the real world version (is capable of that "Vertical Takeoff" thing.)
(Currently ongoing)

-Reach Platinum
(less than 10.0k away)

-Get Featured
(Not yet)