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hello , i'm NeJi !

i don't really upload much but when i do it's usually anime related

i also like WW2 related stuff like

and since i like anime i also like Walkers, that's what i'm currently trying to make , but my brain is too small for funky trees

i dont know who this is just found it on google

you may have noticed from my uploads that i really like Aoki no Hagane Arpeggio , there's just something really appealing about WW2 ships combined with Futuristic/Sci-Fi technology

future projects

edit:busy with schoolwork, might come back late december.

This Month

• I - 401 remake
• Takao
• Kongou
• Kirishima
• Haruna
all of which i plan to release together or at least with just a small time gap

my goal is to make them with 1000 if not less than 1000 parts
although I think it'll go past that if I want it to be really detailed
and once I'm done with those

Following Months

• Yamato
• Musashi
• Hiei
• Myoko
• Nachi
• Haguro
• Atago

all of which will be based from the anime adaptation


•Silver - i forgot
•Gold - N/A
•got my omni man meme taken down 2 hours after posting XD (i consider this a win)

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