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Reference to a Genshin character, an archon.
A tribute to the long lost Spark1645, main inspiration and reason why I am here.


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Aircraft Liveries Section

So Anomalocaris has currently six liveries for application on aircraft, ships and vehicles, and the probability of getting such specific livery is 1:6.

This is RNG's fault, don't ask me for reservations. Anyways, here they are:

  1. Standard
    Bland metal/wooden/fabric covering for airframes and other designs, ready to be adorned with what you want.
  2. Air Corps
    The USAAC livery of blue-yellow, navy, arctic, olive-yellow, drab or gray coloring. Useful for military aircraft and is determined depending on aircraft era.
  3. Alternate Blue-Yellow
    Bluish-gray fuselage and ochre wing color.
  4. Carmen Dei
    This is patterned from Venti (you know him, he's everywhere)'s clothing color: Teal-green fuselage paint and white on the underside. Wing color is gold and roundel is of Genshin (sir, those guys took over the paint-job section) colors (indigo and white), forming a roundel.
  5. Standard Archon
    Yet another variant derived from the Carmen Dei, yet the colors are of indigo for the fuselage and white for the wings. Has different, fictional markings.
  6. Civil
    R a i n b o w

Helpful links

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Historical aircraft that never were:

the Secret Projects forum
the NARA archives

Some frens here in the website

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Those who want to chat me in private, my Discord username is Aviatrix#9051.

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