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Im 17 years old and i live in Scandinavia. I play a lot of football (yes americans i refer to soccer) . My birthday is august 28. When  it comes to SP am i still a pretty new builder but my builds are    getting better and better. I played this game way back before i made a profile on the website so thats probaly why.
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  • I started october 14. 2020.
  • Bronze october 19. 2020.
  • Silver around november 2. 2020.
  • Gold 19 january 2021
  • 50 Followers july 3 2021
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Upcoming builds

Challenger jet
Handley Page HP.52 Hampden

Plane series

- Low Part Series(LPS)
Planes designed to be AI controlled and used in dogfights. They have low part counts.
List of planes in this series
1.Messerschmitt Bf 109E

- High Part Series(HPS)
Planes designed to be close to the real life plane. They have higher part counts.
List of planes in this series
1. Saab 340
2. Cirrus vision SF50


Messerschmitt Bf 109E

Cirrus vision SF50

Saab 340


Idk if they are my friends but i hope so...
My excuse for being lonely is that im a new player but idk

My quote
"If u dont know anything, you cant do anything"

Thanks for checking out my profile and have a wonderfull day!