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Hi, I'm Mudkip.

Current challenge(s):

My current challenge is the Strategic bomber challenge.

Click posts to see good planes, comments to see what I post in the comments section, and following to see who I'm following.

Ask me to help, I will help. Ask me to build, I will build. Ask me something (just not personal info) and I will answer. I'm a great internet friend to follow!

You need something? I'll do it for you. You need help on a plane? I'll do it for you. You need help with a ship? I'll do it for you. I take every request I can take that's legal.

Info? I'll tag you! I'm so great I deserve 100 followers!

Things coming soon:

Free site hacking.

And for anyone else who is tired of reading this bio, here's a meme.

(Not trying to start a political fight)