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The loominati is here, can it build planes? We'll find out...

Also I will not be very active in the next Coming months because of studies. nevertheless, expect aircraft such as the yak 17, hyper detailed FW 189, the FW 189 Eule, the f-15 reporter (variant of the p-61) the il-28, fb-1 attacker, fairey Gannat, lots if German prototype / experimental aircraft, and maybe I'll even do a properly proper build. A huge one. So big my device will crash many many times. I shall be brewing some magic tankery. The almighty STB-1. My favorite tank in world of tanks, war thunder and in real life. Featuring 9-10° of gun depression, multi-directional suspension. Raisable in all directions. 190mm of frontal sloped armour, a 105 royal ordinance gun, 50kph top speed and a all round sloped and rounded turret. 1 word: EPIC