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  • Forum posted way too soon 2.2 years ago

    I don't get the point of requesting that people don't do something that's been a part of the SP site since the beginning because of some arbitrary personal criteria, which really just seems ridiculous in every way I think of it.

  • Almost 4 years out of date 3.3 years ago

    Not to mention all the planes in the pic are horribly outdated by todays SP standard...

  • This needs to stop! 1.8 years ago

    There's a surpising amount of people in a part of the SP community who don't hang around the site, more specifically on Discord, who feel that if things are to a painful amount of hyper-realistic detail, then what you've created is absolute trash and shouldn't even exist. I'd guess it would be ironic to say most of their own "superior" creations tend to fall either into the trappings of fictional designs they usually call out, or are just shameless copies of real equipment that just one way or another performs worse than what they copied.

    Just an example, I was asked on Discord what type of ceramic I used for one of my vehicle's armor, I'm not even kidding with that...

  • How does one write a good bio? 1.6 years ago

    Just do

  • Propeller engines in SP are sluggish as fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu dge 2.2 years ago

    Not hate towards the busy devs or the question in general, but it took something like a year just for them to increase the maximum size of fuselage blocks from 5 to 10, doubt they'd get around for something like tweaking the engines in a decent time, especially now.


    Just because two people revoked/reverse their signing doesn't mean the whole effing treaty failed.

  • New Moderator 2.2 years ago

    What's with all the mods being in SPMC?
    Like, I get its a place everyone knows each other already and know what to expect and blah blah, but kinda feel it might cause an echo chamber, like what happened with Official Discord Staff.

  • The SPW, with Awsomur [49] 2.7 years ago

    I'm pretty much here with Aeromen, since CptJacobson had become very known to steal parts from people in the SLRP server after two users uploaded a whole host of evidence, and in some instances he did himself.
    Overall, I know he had stolen a whole turret of a tank from Waemoth, then later inadvertently admitted to "taking inspiration" from Waemoth's turret despite it looking very obviously he had straight ripped it from Waemoth's tank.
    Not to mention he has ripped an indeterminate amount of someone else's ship for his own that I believe hasn't been uploaded.
    And overall, this one picture of a post he made on SP pretty much sums up his skills at running a country.
    If the above links aren't showing my opinion on CptJacobson being a spotlight, then I'm not really sure what will...
    Though, it's whoever's decision, being Jim1the1Squid's suggestion apparantly.

  • A message to Android users following the future ban on mods 2.9 years ago

    I'll put my 5 cents in on this;
    I was around well before mods were something widespread on SP, just in general. For about a year into the game from starting, I hadn't used mods, and it was alright, I guess, because nobody had them or knew enough to modify parts to how they are now.
    As soon as Fine Tuner was released on Android, it made nudging parts around significantly easier, and thus the quality of my builds increased.
    Saying that Androud users, such as myself, would be somehow better off without them, when I wouldn't be able to keep up the same quality my followers would be accustomed to, is such a loaded thing to say.
    I remember having to dig through my phone files every time I wanted to mess with XML values. I had to use 3rd party apps just to edit them, close out SP, re-open, and if it wasn't how I liked...

    Having the option of Fine Tiner and Overload just makes playing significantly easier, and while the game does have its own fine tuner-like system, its inferior to whats available already.
    Theres a bit more I'd like to add to this, but I've mot got too much time right thus minute.

  • Victory 3.0 years ago

    it's trying it's best, diets only do so much

  • Planes that look good in thumbnail but look like potato in cross section 1.5 years ago

    Almost always depend on those when looking at stuff with custom thumbnails or custom designers.

  • What is this “Funky trees” thing? 1.7 years ago

    Trees that got some groove

  • An Actual Discrace To The SP Community. 1.9 years ago

    How somethimg that takes the appearance of very little work recieves so many upvotes and spotlights, things I've considered almost my entire time here as gestures of recognition from people that you made something they like and they appreciate your work, when some of your best stuff gets absolutely nothing, it's genuinely a disgrace.
    I may not agree with everything said in the forum, but the sentiment of "upvote for meme value" on something that isn't even a meme is just bad.

  • Desperately Needed Fix to the Undo Button 2.2 years ago

    Would definitely love to have this fixed, been having to deal with it since I first began playing, and it's genuinely the worst bug in SP's designer imo.

  • Imagine the world if WW1 and WW2 never happened 2.6 years ago

    I've got a feeling WW1 would of been inevitable. Even if it didn't happen exactly when it did, it was bound to happen a year earlier or later. Though, WW2 is something up to contention, since it was explicitly the outcome of WW1.

  • sled driver? 2.6 years ago

    I gotta say, for what SledDriver prides himself on ("First, and so far the the only player to successfully build a wide variety of generatedshapes using scripts." and had something thats now been removed about creating a "sideways building technique"), he really isn't the first at doing anything he claims.
    There's a user by the name of JDM who was scripting vehicles over a year before he had even joined, and I was building flying wings with this "sideways building technique" before he even got into scripting his builds.

  • M4 Sherman Tank 2.8 years ago

    love checking into SP just to get gatekeeped over a Sherman

  • I hate Halcyon and it’s allies 2.9 years ago

    Alright, everyone quit with this witch hunting nonsense.
    Last thing we want is more shenanigans after yesterday.

  • Need help with missile speed increase 2.9 years ago

    Add the XML attribute "maxSpeed" and add whatever number you want in its separate space, with Overload

  • Why is everyone making Bf-109s all the sudden? 4.4 years ago

    The Luftwaffe is slowly building up a backlog of 109s to contest British airspace in the coming weeks

  • Toyota Supra P-Type (MA67) 1.7 years ago

    Pretty weird sub ngl.

  • What gear do you want on my 180? 2.2 years ago

    Tracks plz

  • The SPW, with Awsomur [49] 2.7 years ago

    Wasn't CptJacobson banned from SP a few months back for actively stealing large chunks of peoples builds, just to pass them off as his own?
    not to mention, and this can be subjective, but me and a lot of others from my former SLRP find him a pretty bad RP'er

  • CH-21C Shawnee 2.9 years ago

    that's a weird looking hotdog

  • why isn't chiyamnaioi or whatever that idiot is called not banned yet 3.0 years ago

    I guess you can say it was a rhetorical question, because I wasn't expecting much of a response

  • [RP]Who would Win? 3.0 years ago

    I'd put money on Halcyon for the sole reason the country has absurd amounts of equipment you'd expect from 10 years in the future (which I guess is expected from the RP since everyone likes to throw around "2030" and "2045" and etc in posts), yet has WMDs you'd expect from 100 years in the future with literally no explanation how, or any sort of infrastructure to even remotely support such a super weapon.
    Not to mention they apparently have the most advanced transport, landing craft, and resource management systems because they can just manage to land massive armies on small hostile islands with no repercussions to supply, infrastructure, moral, or loss of allied life.

    Though, CRV does have a really nice and well put together emblem/flag.

  • Illegally Obtained Van 1.6 years ago

    Can't wait to obtain this thing through such illegal means, that it loops back around into being legal.

  • Bring Passenger-1 BACK! 1.6 years ago

    The dummy part is still in the game and fully useable, just you need to find an plane somewhere on thr site with it to get the dummy part.

  • What an absolute chonkster 1.6 years ago

    Can it stand up to the Giga Char 2C though?

  • Has anyone been upvoted by a mod and dev?? 1.6 years ago

    Devs used to quite a lot a few years ago, but by now its mostly just the mods occasionally upvoting.

  • How do i get featured? 2.0 years ago

    Mods predominantly feature stuff, but the past year they've really been slacking on features.

  • What annoys you the most about the SP website? 2.2 years ago

    Kinda feel like there could be more mods, might end up ending a fair few of the gripes people have.

  • Breakwater VIMG 2.5 years ago

    I found this quite a wonderful plane, it flew amazingly well and turned like nothing else.
    The weapons too were pretty fun to use, petting me able to sink the USS Tiny while turning around to attack the Wright Convoy.
    The only complaints I have over this aircraft is maybe seeing about moving the primary wing back a little bit so CoM wasn't right on top of CoL, which I think would help with difficulties I had taking off.
    Its that, and maybe the cockpit should be a bit taller, but aside from those minor gripes, its a well made and detailed aircraft. I especially enjoyed the cockpit view.

  • P.020b-128m "Žaneta" 2.5 years ago

    cough cough the only thing not to scale would like be the dummy, the thing you said why "this is one massive vehicle"
    So yeah, I'm pretty tired of hearing people from IDA just coming up and acting all superior with vehicles that can't drive straight in some cases, don't build in scale just to complain to others about scale, and cough cough uncalled for insults and threats

  • P.020b-128m "Žaneta" 2.5 years ago

    Ah, yes, defaulting to the "not to scale" excuse, y'know, the one that might as well be "just because"?
    Edit: isn't it also ironic for you to claim my to-scale Psuedo-MBT is giant, just for when the same claim is made your way just for you to say "it's not to scale"?

  • Most likely Quitting 2.9 years ago

    who knew poking holes in your shoddy and paper-thin logic made you toxic?

  • [SLURP] HOOOOOOOOOOOOH 2.9 years ago

    I've stated this in another post on the same subject, its just theres a few people who absolutely refuse to use Discord (for various reasons I don't believe), and I'm pretty close to announcing SLRP move to Discord and anyone who can't will be left behind.

  • [SLRP] Operation Chicken Hawk decoded 2.9 years ago

    Yeah, I guess I can send some support your way.
    I've got a cargo ship mostly filled with my expeditionary force in the Pacific that I can redirect to your islands.
    That, and a ballistic missile submarine.

  • A-10 Livery vote 2.9 years ago

    Ah, such lovely choices of liveries;
    -slighty grey white
    -slightly dark white
    -slightly greyer white
    though 163rd Squadron I find the best grey

  • (DONE) Any Helicopter Expert(? 2.9 years ago

    That's a weird looking hotdog.

  • Need help! 3.0 years ago

    Um, sure. I guess I can help.

  • why isn't chiyamnaioi or whatever that idiot is called not banned yet 3.0 years ago

    Define "hate speech" for us all, please.

  • New Roleplay Idea! 3.4 years ago

    I'm just curious, but how's this any different from the numerous ahistorical RPs already done of WW2?

  • What happened to DarthAbhinav? 3.8 years ago

    I've come under the impression that he either started something with someone he really shouldn't of, or he took a step back and took a look at the crap he started in the past.
    and it's pretty easy to realistically assume either happened

  • How do I ACTUALLY FIRE the REAL MISSILES? 6.3 years ago

    Use some magic, but not too much.

  • How to get featured? 1.5 years ago

    Idk, mods just tend to feature what they like, but considering how rare features have gotten over this year they must not like much anymore.

  • Unpopular opinion: replica builds are the worst builds on this site 1.5 years ago

    Personally find the idea of making replicas to be pretty boring. Don't really like making them, and the way most people do it now kinda just looks like a game of tracing blueprints with fuselage blocks.
    Have made some replicas in the past, and they can be nice for sure when others add a good bit of quality, just personal opinion and stuff.

  • What to post first? 1.6 years ago

    Van pls

  • Simpleplanes should be mobile exclusive 1.6 years ago

    Uh, SP came out on PC a while before mobile...

  • Unconventional Seaplane Update 1.7 years ago

    No u