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  • Small Feature Wish List for v1.11 Update 11 months ago

    the addition of a horn that maybe can have a few set presets for different kinds ie air horn like on trucks or more of a warning horn kind of thing, if that’s possible, which would be sweet to add to ground vehicles or can be set to a airspeed or something and used as a stall warning, could be very cool.

  • Small Feature Wish List for v1.11 Update 11 months ago

    I think more airports would also be pretty nice, kinda sad that we have the like 5 airports only

  • BogdanX ? 1.3 years ago


  • What annoys you the most about the SP website? 2.3 years ago

    The occasional drama over silly nonsense, other than that not much, if the topic was on SP discords, that would be a different story
    (SP discords suck, avoid them)

  • Leotard 1.5 years ago

    -10/10 gun doesn’t go behind the tank when you shoot

  • Yes, I touched the Pitot tube on the only intact YF-12 in existence. 1.2 years ago

    I’m thinking you weren’t supposed to do that, museums typically go REEEEEEEE when you do such

  • Rubbish 1.9 years ago

    What a garbage build how does this have 15 upvotes let alone one?! God this community is so utterly trash!
    Learn how to build planes that aren’t so useless and trash!

  • Weaponized Seal 1.4 years ago

    Missed opportunity to call it a “Navy Seal team”

  • The Germans really did capture a corsair 1.9 years ago

    still not as odd as the license made J3 Cub in Denmark that was captured by the Germans, then captured by the US and kept in the UK

  • Funniest/Stupidest thing you or someone has done on SP? 2.7 years ago

    In MP, you can see some interesting things...
    Blimp battles with 5 blimps that are thousand feet plus in length shooting at each other with bomb cannons, a giant dinosaur on wheels running over everyone and flying fish with guns to name a few

  • Things I'd like in sp 1.2 years ago

    More airports would also be really really really nice too

  • My thoughts on the background music. 1.8 years ago

    Yeah one of the first things I did in SP wasn’t build a plane but rather turn off the background music lol

  • Small Feature Wish List for v1.11 Update 11 months ago

    Oh and I just remembered something, this has been bugging me for years now, the edge of the taxi ways at the airports have bugged hit boxes that wheels fall into and get stuck, also the stripes at wright sometimes yeet the airplane up
    Could we please fix that?

  • Now that I have riled you up... 1.9 years ago

    A post that people got salty over because they thought their post deserved more upvotes than a “crap post”
    Because yes get salty over meaningless fake internet points that have zero value in life

  • Stop these "German" constructions 3 months ago

    I’d suggest not playing the game for upvotes and or caring as all upvotes are, are meaningless internet points that have no value, I’d recommend just simply ignoring those posts or just building for fun

  • SPVR Update - Gauges 10 months ago

    Any chance we could possibly get trim options like this? For older planes or helicopters, I think that would be pretty cool

  • Got an aeroplane one year ago

    @IceCraft don’t let the airplane fool you, I’m broke

  • what is the scariest part about sp? 1.5 years ago

    When your wing that you thought was connected to the fuselage isn’t actually connected to anything but stays on the plane for 3 minutes after you take off before it flies off the plane
    When your multi engine looses an engine and you go into VMC, 20ft off the ground
    When you try a instrument approach using a experimental GPS and find a mountain with your face
    I can continue this list for a while

  • DISCORD SERVER? 1.8 years ago

    There are SP discords, just 99% of them are horrendous and I wouldn’t recommend joining

  • Bean 1.9 years ago

    Where can I learn such skill to build such a great craft?!

  • The Final SimplePlanes Weekly, with Awsomur. 2.0 years ago

    This has been the funniest reason for drama I’ve seen

  • It's Kinda Worries Me?! 2.1 years ago

    I thought this was a game to build solely for personal enjoyment and not for gathering silly internet points

  • Kenair 735 “Frog” 4.5 years ago

    (Just curious, is that my Lufthansa logo there on the tail?)

  • Map update leaked 5 days ago

    It’s evolving, just backwards

  • New Merch! 7 months ago

    -10/10 on the mug, it called me a simp, mean

  • f104-Starfighter 10 months ago

    Worlds best F104 replica!

  • Balsa Flight Simulator: A Simpleplanes Killer? 10 months ago

    @BaconEggs yeah, I can’t think of any other game where I can chase airplanes with a flying log stacker

  • Wait it's all Leopard 1A5? Always has been. 1.5 years ago

    -10/10 everyone steeling my -10/10 format

  • NEW MP War Event!!-Saturday 1.7 years ago

    I’d recommend having the events off the main sever to a different one to not lag everyone else on the main server

  • The MP Legacy is over. 1.8 years ago

    The alt server should be free of this, just switch servers, and I bet here in a week or so these idiots that do this will no longer find it funny to blow up half the map

  • Should SimplePlanes Have Multiplayer 2.2 years ago

    I would say no as it would be completely unplayable, just the sheer amount of people alone would make it not work, not to mention the massive increase of trolls that would bring, it just wouldn’t be playable due to lag or people who think ruining everyone else’s day is funny
    I have the MP mod and I can confirm I see enough trolls as is and under normal conditions without trolls have issues with FPS or therefore lack of and just lag in general

  • The SP map is BAD and NEEDS an UPDATE!!! 2.3 years ago

    Maybe adding gravel strips on the small islands that have literally nothing on them to give them some use and fun island hopping adventures

  • We should have the ability to remove successors that other people have made a blatant ripoff of 3.2 years ago

    @randomusername but you could hide 10 parts in the fuselage and nothing more and by pass the whole thing

  • Almost 4 years out of date 3.4 years ago

    Well to be fair it says “over” 50,000

  • When will the egg planes stop??? 3.4 years ago

    I’ll make as many egg planes as I want when I want!

  • did you know... 4.2 years ago

    Also did you know that there are more planes in the ocean than submarines in the sky?

  • How planes fly. one month ago

    The graphics of flappy bird have really improved lately

  • Give mobile users better quality one month ago

    Uh, BaconAircraft isn’t apart of the developer team lol
    Also you get basically the same game, literally 90% of it is still there, you are only missing an island that literally nobody goes to for more than a hour, and mods which well aren’t really required to do anything, mobile SP is what $5? The steam/PC one is like $12 to $15, $5 for 90% of what the rest of us get, idk how that’s a ripoff but ok. Honestly SP mobile is a absolute bargain wheeler of a deal

  • Cirrus SR22 5 months ago

    Bounce a landing? Pull that red handle! Uh oh, passenger not feeling well? Pull that red handle! Oh no is that a stiff breeze? Pull that red handle and live to see another day! Make a mistake on the radio? Pull that red handle!
    (Pro tip, do NOT fly into the side of a lime green Metro)

  • What if there was a war mode 7 months ago

    Isn’t that just MP on a standard day?

  • Boeing 777-200 Asiana Airlines Wreck Crash Structure 8 months ago

    Captain Somting Wong

  • This is absolutely excessive!! one year ago

    Can’t have your replica stolen if you don’t make replicas points to head

  • Why I don't get so many upvotes?? 1.4 years ago

    If you are playing the game right you shouldn’t care about upvotes
    Remember, it’s not about the points, it’s about having fun with the build you made

  • I'll probably get banned for this... 1.4 years ago

    The rules are great if you don’t flirt around the edge of them seeing what you can or can’t get away with
    I’ve been here 5 years and haven’t had any issues nor have never seen issues with them until now, everything is fair and good

  • **what's wrong with a lot of builds.** 1.4 years ago

    “Learn to part save and make builds lighter”
    Sorry if this sounds rude but, no, we’ll play the game the we want to play the game, if someone wants to build something with a million parts they can, the beauty of the game is to build what you want the way you want

  • Pro tip: How to get upvotes (usefull?I hope so) 1.8 years ago

    Very nice tutorial(?) of how to get upvotes! however I would recommend not joining SP discords, from my experience they were horrible, but again that’s just my experience
    And I would say being open to suggestions and constructive criticism is a huge help too
    (With the time zone thing, personally, I think weekends work better)

  • any multiplayer servers? 1.9 years ago or and I can’t stress this enough, please be considerate with what you bring into MP, try to keep it under 800 parts for MP and don’t be one of those people that run around killing others for no reason, all that does is ruin everyone else’s day and makes MP unplayable

  • Multiplayer Trolls 2.1 years ago

    Yeah this is why I have troll deleter airplanes, with modded missiles that are usually pretty reliable in MP, so my suggestion is to make a dedicated troll deleter airplane, then when he comes back (if he starts trolling again) start basting him apart till he leaves, or if he wants to “dogfight” just fly off at mach 1 and ignore

  • More Availability on iOS 2.2 years ago

    Due to stupid Apple policies mods aren’t going to be added to IOS

  • my complaint 2.2 years ago

    I thought this was a game for building airplanes solely for fun and not to earn pointless meaningless internet points from them