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I am an airplane enthusiast from Indonesia who likes to do more than just know airplanes. I like to build designs that I love as well as my own, just so that I could experience them myself. I've been in simpleplanes for some time now, and you can see how my build style have changed over time.

I hope you have patience, because I do not make things very often, but when I do, I will try my best to use my latest knowledge in simpleplanes to make the best plane I could make.

30/11/2020 - THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR 1K, I personally don't know what that number means but I've seen a lot of people marking when they get their first milestone.

23/01/2021 - YEEHAW I GOT GOLD, thank you to everyone who's supported my builds for the past few months, and thank you for featuring my B-Wing :D